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COCOCOZY Arch Reverse Linen Pillow and Gate Throw in navy on a white bed

So I am back home in Los Angeles. I just got in from Atlanta yesterday afternoon.  I was there for several days for the Atlanta International Gift & Furnishing Market.  Market is still going on there for a few days but I had to get back to go to work this morning.

As you probably know (only because I've blabbed about it all week on the blog), I was in Atlanta showing off the COCOCOZY home furnishings collection to buyers.  I am so happy that my collection is housed at the very prestigious Christian Mosso Associates (CMA) showroom with so many other amazing lines.  So if you are still in Atlanta and have not stopped by the showroom, the COCOCOZY collection is still there for you to view (CMA is in America's Mart, Building 1, 9th Floor).  Please stop by and let me know what you think!

Market is so much many fun people to meet and there are so many fabulous things to see at market.  So this week, each day, I'm going to try to bring you a bit of what I saw and liked while in Atlanta in a few MARKET WATCH posts.

Today I bring you an unplanned bedding vignette that happened in the showroom one day!

This "COCOCOZY moment" pictured here happened when a customer was reviewing the COCOCOZY textiles collection. She wanted to see what the navy collection looked we took an Arch Reverse Linen Pillow and Gate Throw in navy and threw them on an entirely silk bed by Kumi Kookoon and tah dah.  Love the combination of navy and white.  So wonderful.

alternative view of COCOCOZY Arch Reverse Linen Pillow and Gate Throw in navy on a white bed

What do you think of this little accidental bedding moment?  Like or dislike?

Happy Monday!


P.S.  Got home yesterday and it was gorgeous here in L.A.  Good news is that it was perfect weather.  Only, not so good news is that when I pulled up to my house I saw that all of my pretty purple and white flowers had died.  I forgot to leave the automatic sprinklers on! Oy va voy.

P.P.S.  Had a fabulous dinner with PR and his sister J on Saturday night in Atlanta.  We went to a restaurant in downtown Atlanta called Thrive.  We got there about 7:30 and pretty much had the pick of the restaurant on where we wanted to sit (it wasn't busy).  We got a very nice waitress as our server.  Turns out she was new to the restaurant staff so she kept having to go back to the kitchen and ask questions.  After we received our appetizer and while we were waiting for our main course, the waitress came up to the table and asked us if we wanted dessert and asked if we had made our dessert selection.  We all chuckled because we though she was joking...we hadn't even received our main course yet.  PS joked with the waitress and said "We haven't even seen a dessert menu."  She immediately smiled and scurried off.  Moments later she returned with dessert menus and said asked us if we wanted dessert again.  I said, "Oh, I think we'd like to have dinner first before we order".  The waitress stared at us blankly.  Then J realized that the waitress was confused and J explained in detail and slowly what we had ordered for dinner and were still waiting on that.  Then a light bulb went off over our waitresses head.  She had forgotten that we hadn't eaten our main course yet! A few minutes later our food came out.  It was delicious. We all got a good laugh including the very nice waitress (who was so so sweet....turns out she's a student here for a few months in the U.S. learning English)!

P.P.P.S.  I must say...I've now been to Atlanta four times in my life...each time to show the collection.  This was the first time I really enjoyed the city!

P.P.P.P.S.  Off to work this morning...heavier.  While in the south, I sure did eat. It was ridiculous.  The CMA showroom has margaritas in the afternoon and snacks all day...and then I went to all of these fabulous dinners. I stopped by one showroom during lunch one day while at market and they had something called Chick Fil-A and I had that (had never had it before) basically it is fried chicken.  Yesterday when I got home, I immediately went to Wholefoods  and bought tons of veggies, fruit, my raw granola and some quinoa.  I must now go on an austerity program.  A few weeks ago I also bought this blending device so I can "juice" going to have to pull it out of the box.  Check out COCOCOZY Twitter or Instagram to see what I bought and let me know if you think it will work.  I posted about it last week.  Okay...back to reality!

Photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY


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