All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY
COCOCOZY Natural Linen Quatrefoil pillows on armchairs with polished dark wood arms and legs and neutral cushions
COCOCOZY Natural Linen Quatrefoil pillows in a pretty vignette at Pom Pom in Los Angeles. (above)

I love Pom Pom.

If you don't know Pom Pom...you should. :-)

Pom Pom was first opened years ago as a furniture store in Los Angeles. It is owned by Hilde Leiaghat, her husband Reza and her son Sam.  Their one furniture store grew into two home furnishing shops, then into three stores (they have one in Beverly Hills that I've written about) and for the last few years they've been making their own line of Belgian chic linen home textiles too!

Anyhoooo...last week I was invited to a Pom Pom party for the re-opening of their store on La Brea Avenue here in Los Angeles.  I had dinner plans with a friend NN who I hadn't seen in months...but we had to make a detour to Pom Pom before going to dinner.

The store is just delightful...it is filled with antique and reproduction furniture, soft linens and beautiful home accessories.  It is delight to wander through and explore the very large store that is almost set up like house...with so many rooms, nooks, crannies with so much to see...Pom Pom is teeming with decor and design inspiration.

In addition to getting to browse through a fabulous store...imagine my delight to see the COCOCOZY line of Natural Linen Pillow Covers in the store among all of the beautiful things and fitting in so well.  It is so much fun to see my products blended into such a beautiful environment.

Anyhoooo....so all of this chitter chatter and blah blah blah to say...today I bring you the gorgeous update of  Pom Pom's La Brea Store!

COCOCOZY Natural Linen Quatrefoil pillows on 2 spindle chairs
Love seeing how good COCOCOZY pillows look on 2 spindle chairs in the Pom Pom store. (above)

COCOCOZY Natural Linen Quatrefoil pillow on a vintage style bench
Another COCOCOZY Natural Linen Pillow on a bench looking so Belgian chic! (above)

Front room of Pom Pom
The front room at Pom Pom on La Brea Ave. (above)

garden fountain in Pom Pom's front courtyard with statues and crushed gravel paving
A garden fountain in Pom Pom's front courtyard with statues and crushed gravel paving...the whole scene is so romantic. (above)

metal display shelf with white dish ware and glassware
Pom Pom is known for beautiful furniture and fantastic tabletop settings...here is a display shelf filled with beautiful white dishware and glassware. (above)

green  long table with French bistro chairs under two large bois drum pendant lights
A great long table with French bistro chairs under two large bois drum pendant lights hanging . (above)

COCOCOZY Logo Pillow between two an accent tables stacked on top of each other to form a small cage
I spy another COCOCOZY pillow...this time it is our COCOCOZY Logo pillow! (above)

People mingling on Pom Pom's back patio
 What a wonderful party...Pom Pom's back patio was the perfect place to enjoy a sip of champagne during an amazing browse through the store. (above) 
Such a well curated home furnishings store...a shop filled with decor dreams and tons of design inspiring ideas.  There is certainly a Pom Pom style and way of life!

Thank you Hilde, Reza, Sam and Jackie for inviting me to pop by!  It was so much fun!

Happy Tuesday!


P.S.  Sorry I didn't get a chance to post yesterday...have been running around like a chicken with no head!  My weekend was just a whirlwind...on Sunday alone...I had two back to back events and then more!  I went to a fabulous garden party that was to benefit LAXART...an art organization here in Los Angeles.  I went as the guest of my friend Kristi Bender who is a partner at Wendy Schwartz Design.  I felt so fortunate to spend a lovely afternoon hanging out with Kristi and interior designer Wendy Schwartz at a beautiful home in Hancock Park.  It was so much fun catching up with the girls and sipping champagne...it was too short of a visit. (It was short because I had to leave the garden party to attend a Hollywood awards show...check out COCOCOZY Twitter feed and Instagram to see which red carpet event I went to on Sunday evening...not any place I thought I would ever go!).  Here are some photos from the garden party...thank you Kristi for inviting me along!

people mingling at a garden party for LAXART
A garden party for LAXART at a Hancock Park home in Los Angeles (above)

roses in a silver urn
A blurry photo I took of some beautiful roses in pink, white, red, orange and green in a silver urn. (above)
P.P.S.  Oh after the garden party and the awards show, there's more...will share what I've been up to...tomorrow!

P.P.P.S.  Have a happy Tuesday!

All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY


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