two ceramic lamps with white shades with brass finish
Vintage 1960s ceramic table lamps with brass finish from 1st Dibs. (above)
So I saw these cute brass table lamps above on 1st Dibs.  Unfortunately they were sold by the time I got to them. I'm loving brass accents these days.  A little touch of brass here or there goes a long way in decor these days.

After missing out on the vintage brass beauties, I came across this faceted little light below.  I love it.  Cute size, all brass with a matte finish.  Am thinking this could be good somewhere in my home or at COCOCOZY HQ.   Hmmm.....thinking.
Brass table lamp with matte finish and matching brass shade
Candelabra - Pythagorus Table Lamp - $693 (Brass table lamp with matte finish. Mary McDonald by Robert Abbey. Metal shade)

What do you think of these little brass table lamps? Is the new one here at the bottom a good replacement option for the vintage ones I missed out on?

Happy Friday!


P.S. Last night went to an event at Downtown, a showroom here in Los Angeles right in the design district, with antique and vintage furniture. Brought along good friends JH and DH who are visiting from out of town. JH and I had a blast looking at furniture...while DH, a guy, just stood on the sidelines as we ogled at everything!  Got a chance to say a quick hi to Hector one of the owners of the store and to Degen Penner who is editor at the Hollywood Reporter.  It was a nice quick stop off before we went to dinner.

people mingling at Downtown event
Downtown event last night. (above)

brass chair with a purple cushion
Speaking of's a cute 1950's brass chair I ran into at Downtown.  I would change the seat cushion cover but other than that I think this chair is perfection. (above)

P.P.S.  We have "carmageddon" here in Los Angeles this weekend.  They are shutting down a freeway for repairs for the entire weekend and life is supposed to change as we know it.  LOL!  Wish me luck.  I was out of town for the last "carmageddon" here...the one where life did not change as we know it...we'll see!

Photos:  Photos in the P.S. by Coco of COCOCOZY


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