indoor dining room outdoor feel thanks to vaulted ceilings, visible beams, large metal plant pots holding small trees, octagon wood table, white wood chairs

I love this dining room. I do. An indoor room with an outdoor feel. I think it's the architecture that makes this room feel like it is out in the open - the cobblestone like paver tiles covering the floor and the high ceilings make it seem like this dining area is set on a sidewalk on an old east coast town. The tall manicured ficus trees added on either side of the room make this space feel like it is set outside. I like.

There is also something very classic but simple about the decor...the octagon shaped wood table, the antique looking white chairs with carved bird wings and the large metal planters. No frills. Not fancy. Very elegant and understated I think.

I do wonder though...where the light comes from at chandelier or lighting fixtures in view from these angles...hmmm...I wonder...

close up of wing detail on the white wood chair arms

What do you think of this dining room? Like...dislike? Do tell. Do you like the cobblestone like flooring? Please weigh in below in the comments section.

Happy Wednesday!


Photos: Haynes Roberts


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