beach themed living room with folk art of a woman in a vintage swim costume diving on the wall, gray and red printed rug, gray sectional sofa with striped, turquoise and green accent pillows
Wooden sign with a swimmer from a 1930's motel hangs on a Benjamin Moore Sea Foam painted wall in a modern NYC apartment. (above)

I saw this apartment featured on the New York Times website. A city apartment with ocean front theme. Lots of vintage kitsch beach inspired pieces placed here and there. The seaside decor is not overwhelming...just subtle reminders throughout the house. The interior design theme is emphasized by the blues and the sea foam paint on the walls in this urban apartment.

Take a look.

concrete sailor satatue sitting on top of a light gray cabinet with finger holes to open
A concrete sailor was probably made in the early 20th century as a garden ornament. (above)

den with blue blue, reclaimed wood trunk as side table with a sail boat weather vane

breakfast nook with red vinyl banquette bench seating and small galley kitchen with shaker cabinets, marble counter, and fisherman float balls in window
A wooden tray of glass fisherman floats sits on the window sill above the breakfast nook banquette in the small kitchen. (above)

What do you think of this apartment. Do you like the idea of keeping with one theme throughout a home's decor...or do you prefer an eclectic mix of ideas?

Please do tell.

Happy Tuesday!


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