Blue and white tiled bathroom with wooden ceiling with visible beams, a chandelier and stand alone bath tub

This blue and white tiled bath is in the heart of Beverly Hills.  It is inside a 10,000 square foot Spanish Colonial mansion built by famed architect Wallace Neff back in 1926. Currently the home is listed by Coldwell Banker for over $18 million dollars.

So you might ask...what does this have to do with Hollywood and celebs? Well this home was once owned by actress Diane Keaton and then singer Madonna.  Quite a Hollywood connection I think.

If you want to see the entire home, click here.

A blue and white tiled bath with a pitched wood ceiling and stand alone tub featured under large wood framed windows. Something vintage about this washing up space. Reminds me of old California. The painted tiles in this bath are apparently from the Tile Guild.  I like.

close up of blue and white bathroom tiles near black framed windows, stand alone bathtub and small round accent table

bathroom with blue and white tiles, two bathroom vanities with white drawers and cabinets below two black framed mirrors

shower with blue and white tiles and bench

dressing room with crystal pendant light, white cabinets and a white island with two small statues and decorative boxes

What do you think of this celebrity bath and closet? Would you take it or leave it? Do you like the tiling or is it too much?

I would take it and I would spend lots of time lounging, primping and preening in this space! :-)

Happy Thursday!



P.S. Last night I had a lovely dinner with Hilde Leiaghat the owner of three gorgeous Pom Pom Interiors retail stores here in Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. Hilde, her husband Reza and their son Sam also own Pom Pom At Home - a huge thriving home textiles collection. Hilde not only owns the business but she designs the European chic collection as well. I have admired Hilde's work and her beautiful stores for years. She is a wonderful role model for me as I work to grow the COCOCOZY textiles collection. It has been so nice having someone to talk to about the ins and outs of business. I had such a nice time at dinner! Oh and I am so excited, Hilde is having a big party next month at one of her stores to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pom Pom. Can't wait to attend!

P.P.S. Also had a good strategy meeting with fab agent SM yesterday. She is really awesome. I went over to her agency's new loft like offices in Beverly Hills. I told SM about some ideas I had for COCOCOZY and she helped me with focusing some of my thoughts. Now, I just have to execute the ideas and make the the thoughts a reality - all before the end of the year! Yikes!  BTW, did I ever even mention that I had an agent ever? I've been working with SM and agent HM since the beginning of the year. They help me by negotiating deals and partnerships on the business side of COCOCOZY. We mostly just catch up on the phone every few weeks but yesterday we took a little time to catch up in person. I felt like I had to look extra cute going over to a Hollywood talent agency and all...I had planned out my outfit the day before but when I tried it on in the morning I thought I looked mish mosh and confusing. So I ended up doing a mad dash dance in and out of clothes and outfits for a half an hour yesterday morning...I changed dresses 4 times and tripped over the dog twice and ended up with another mish mosh outfit and hair that was flat and listless looking. Oy va voy. Needless to say I did not make the Hollywood style entrance into the agency as I had planned...I definitely could have used a little powder on my nose too. Well, looks aren't everything...right? Hello...right? Right. Okay yes. Right.

P.P.P.S. Must run. Have an early meeting at my regular job this morning. It is a meeting/conference call with New York. I know everyone here in the Los Angeles office who will be sitting on the call and I work with them every day so will not have to do the same outfit gymnastics that I did yesterday! Phew. Pressure is off. Woohoo.

P.P.P.P.S. Did I say happy Thursday already?  Happy Thursday. :-)

P.P.P.P.P.S. FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS: For those of you who saw the living room of this home on COCOCOZY Facebook...the answer is Madonna!


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