living room with gray sectional, built in bookshelves, exposed beams and potted plants
The London loft of Tank Magazine editor Caroline Issa reatures a modern gray sectional and a wonderful shelf wall with cubbies in all different sizes. (above)

It is New York Fashion Week right now.  I'd love to be there.

I was at Fashion Week in New York a few years back and it was fun.  I only saw one show but it was fantastic.  Years and years ago I was also in Milan for Fashion Week there and that was an experience of a lifetime - I went to all of the shows - Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Prada, Armani and more.  Wow.

So far, this New York Fashion Week (NYFW), I have loved perusing all of the sites showing the street fashion of those going in and out of shows and presentations and seeing next year's fantastic spring clothing collections - all from afar. I wish I could be there - hobnobbing with the most fashionable people in the world, wearing cute dresses, darling coats, sprinting from show to show in high heels. I also am little happy I am not there - there is a lot of pressure to show up looking chic and to exude an unforced sense of style and elegance I would think. I know, I know, one's sense of style is innate and natural and we should all be proud of who we are...but I would still agonize over daily outfit choices...I know I would.  Okay, I take it back...I want to be at Fashion Week.  I would figure out the is an amazing event and I want to be there!

So instead, for reasons that have nothing to do with agonizing about Fashion Week wardrobe,  I am here in Los Angeles...going to work in just a bit, wearing cute workity work clothes and then going to some sort of Hollywood work party tonight.  I'll enjoy this fahionable week in New York via the web I guess.

Okay...enough about me...

In honor Fashion Week, I thought I would share with you some images from one of my new favorite websites...Tales of Endearment. It is a collection of fashion related photographs and blog posts by a Brooklyn based fashion consultant named Natalie Joos.

Natalie from Tales, also takes photos of all of her fashionable friends and acquaintances digs. From flats in London, to NYC lofts, and even over to Sydney to an apartment belonging to a model.

I like to see the way the most fashionable in the world live...don't you?

vintage Givenchy dress and vintage cream, navy coat with red trim
Caroline Issa's 1970's polka dot Givenchy dress and a 1960's cream, navy blue coat with red trim. (above)

open kitchen with black cabinets, a white dining room table with matching chairs and pendant lights
In an open concept living plan, a  small one wall kitchen with black cabinets opens directly onto the dining room table. (above)(

Caroline Issa in a vintage cream, navy blue coat with red trim and Givenchy dress in her London apartment
Fashion editor Caroline Issa in her London apartment. (above)

living room with white sectional sofa with orange accent pillows, two red chairs, wood floor, a gray shag rug, large windows and green floor length curtains
Living room of Australia based model Tanja Gracie (above)

turquoise dress with feather trim, an electric blue crocodile bag and hot pink nails
A turquoise dress with feather trim and an electric blue croc bag. (above)

Tanja Gracie sitting on a wooden stool with an orange cushion in front of a small wooden desk in a white room
Tanja Gracie at home.

Dining room with wood floors, yellow Eames chairs around a modern dark wood table
Tanja's dining room features yellow Eames chairs around a modern dark wood table. (above)
Which of these two fashionistas apartments do you prefer?  I like booth...but am probably leaning towards the London loft of Caroline Issa.

Hope you had a great weekend and hope you have a fabulous week!

Happy Monday!


Photos: Tales of Endearment


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