gray bedroom with upholstered bed, a glass table with a large jug of white roses, and molded white fireplace

I have not read the book Fifty Shades of Grey...nor do I plan on reading it any time soon. I know...lots of women have read it since it was released in 2011...but I feel like it is not for my demo...seems to appeal to a ton of married moms (every married mom I know between the ages of 35-45 has read it I think). I feel like if I had even a free minute to read a book at this point in my life, I don't know if I would necessarily pick up Fifty Shades of Grey to read.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the book is bad or that I would never read it...if I was married and a mom, I would DEFINITELY read it. :-)  Important note to self: find husband and get some kiddies so can start reading Fifty Shades of Grey (more to add to the to do list).

Late last spring, best of friend AM was saying that all of her mom friends from her 4 year old's pre-school class had read Fifty Shades.  The book was for awhile a main point of conversation every time she went to an event.  Apparently, according to AM, the chatter about Fifty Shades among her NYC circle of moms took almost top billing.  Here was the order of conversation at her "mommy get togethers" back then: 1) chat about kids; 2) then talk about Fifty Shades and 3) chat about Fifty Shades some more and then that was it.  AM felt very left out because she had not read it (at the time). She said she felt like an outcast because when everyone all started to talk about the book she had not a clue. LOL! does this relate to interiors?

Oh yes...only the play on know shades of grey part...woooohooooo....almost forgot why I went on one of my back now....lah dee dah...lah lah...teedah dah dah. Am a little punchy, I was on the set of a television show yesterday for over 15 hours for my real was funny and fun but am a little loopy this morning.

Focus Coco. Focus. subtly gray bedrooms.  I love these two soothing spaces. Both very different in feel.  The room at the top has a modern contemporary vibe with the its fully upholstered bed, graphic pillows, grommet drapery and modern art above the fireplace.  While the bedroom below feels a little bit country or more romantic with its curvy iron bed.

Which of these grayish bedrooms do you like best - a questions for today's THIS OR THAT!

bedroom with iron bedframe and white bedding, vaulted ceiling, foot bench and two circle night stands one with a reading lamp the other with a  vase of flowers

I think I like the room on top the best...the first one...I like the textures, subtle patterns and clean lines.  Although I think the second bedroom would be a great guest room...what a nice place for house guests to stay!

Which of these rooms do you like the best?  This one at the top or that one at the bottom.  Please do tell!

Happy Thursday!


Photos: Haynes Roberts; Rehkamp Larson Architects


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