White living room Hamptons Water Mill estate

The other day I was on the phone with best of friend AM.  We were catching up on the weekend - just doing our regular phone call check in.  She lives in NYC and is a high powered finance girl.  Well, half way through the conversation she said, "What did you say?".  I repeated what I had just said.  AM said, "I still can't hear you."  I repeated what I said again.  Then AM said calmly and distractedly on the phone, "Either you need to speak up, or I need to find friends who talk louder."  Hee hee!  A NYC girl type of comment indeed!

People always think I am from New York or I live in New York...I think it is because I feature so many homes in Manhattan and in the Hamptons.  I am not from NYC.  I was born and raised in Los Angeles...but somehow it seems born with a bit of an East Coast point of view.  Here's what I've found...I move at NYC type of pace...I talk faster than most people in Los Angeles but probably slower than many people in NYC, I definitely eat faster than most people in the world (was a bit non-dainty when on vacation with TE, my guy who runs marathons, and I managed to down every meal at least twice as fast as he did and had to sit and watch in quasi humiliation as he deliberately ate each bite (he clearly listened to his mother's warnings on chewing food) and then left food behind because he couldn't eat anymore...hmmm...grrr.....

Anyhooo...all of these seeming non-sequiturs do lead to a point...really...they do...

I am trying to justify another East Coast Hamptons SEE THIS HOUSE.  Make sense...I have East Coast friends, I eat and talk faster than lots of people on the East Coast...so therefore it makes sense I would constantly feature houses from NYC and the Hamptons.  Logical...right?  Or faulty logic?  Help!

This time a $12.9 million dollar Water Mill estate with 8 bedrooms, 7 baths, 2 partial baths and 8,600 square feet.  The home is listed by Sothebys and sits on 1.6 acres of land.  No water view for this home but lots of area to roam and lounge.

There is a pool, a wood panel library, 2 staff rooms and more.

Would you take this or leave it?  SEE THIS HOUSE!

Exterior of a mansion in the Hamptons-Water Mill estate
Exterior of Gambrel style architecture Water Mill estate (above)

Entry hall in a Hamptons mansion Water Mill estate paneled wall
Entry hall sets the traditional decor tone of the home and features a stairs leading to a second floor balcony, and traditional paneled wall. (above)

Living room Hamptons mansion Water Mill estate coffered ceiling French door traditional fireplace mantel
Living room has coffered ceilings, french doors and a very traditional fireplace mantel. (above)

Dining room Hamptons mansion Water Mill estate glossy wallpaper coffered ceiling
Dining room with glossy wallpaper covering the walls and more coffered ceilings.(above)

Wood paneled library den Hamptons mansion Water Mill estate fireplace window seat
What stately home doesn't have a wood paneled library den (above)

Grey master bedroom Hamptons mansion Water Mill estate four poster bed mirrored
The master bedroom features a mirrored four poster bed - I wonder if this is just staged or if the owners really have a mirrored bed! (above)

Backyard Hamptons mansion Water Mill estate
The grounds - or more commonly known as the backyard! (above)
What do you think?  Would you take this Hamptons home if someone gave it to you?  Or would you stay where you are now?  Please weigh in on the comments below!

Happy Thursday!




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