hot pink living room classic architecture crown molding decorative panel windows
An all hot pink living room! (above)

Fearless home decorating...would you be able to take the plunge and dive right in and decorate rooms like this?  Makes an incredibly powerful statement...rather playful and fun too.  But could you actually imagine daring yourself to design without fear.

A hot pink living room,  A bathroom bathed in black and white even in the sink bowl basin.

"Wow" is all I can say!

Very eye catching (an understatement really).  A little scary to actually imagine taking design risks like these.  Could you do it?

black white floor to ceiling mosaic tile bath bathroom vanity ceramic wall faucet
Black and white tiled bathroom with a twist. (above)

Are you design daring?  Could you do it?  Please weigh in on comments below.

I wish I had 4 houses.  In one of those houses, I would definitely be fearless (have the decor outlined for the other 3 already!).  As of right now, I simply have one very tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills...so cannot completely put fears aside...but I can dream.  I would do the black and white bathroom.  Would leave the hot pink living room for my best of friend AM!

Happy Saturday!


Photos: Agent Bauer/Lo Bjurulf


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