Small spaces require small kitchens.  I know having lived in my tiny little cottage in the Hollywood Hills for years and years.  Certainly get design inspiration from "done up" decorated large rooms, but true inspiration comes from the ingenious ways people use small spaces.  The one-wall kitchen is an example of this!

Have featured one-wall kitchens here and there in the past.  Always marvel over the creativity involved in making one work.

Key tips to designing a chic one wall kitchen:
1. Keep cabinetry simple  - Flat front cabinets are the best or cabinets doors that do not have too much detail on the front.  This is an issue of visual clutter. The less you have going on visually with the cabinets the less the space will feel cluttered.
2. Monochromatic or neutral color scheme -  Might be fun to paint upper and lower cabinets different colors or to add a splash of high beam color to the walls or backsplash.  Don't.  Keep the color scheme all in the same family...neutrals would work best if you want your kitchen to stand out in a stylish way.
3. A marble slab or sheet metal backsplash - Mosaic tiles or regular tiles can add visual clutter...better to smooth out the look with a simple uniform backsplash.  All three of these kitchens use Carara marble slabs.
4. Elegant simple streamlined lighting - Don't over do it with a big overbearing chandelier.  Keep lighting simple.  If you most go big, make sure the shapes and forms are not too detailed.  Make a statement but make a simple well scaled statement.
5. Add flair in faucets and fixtures - Notice that in two of the kitchens the faucets are actually gold.  Love this!

Which of these one wall kitchens do you like best.  Pin the one you like the most onto Pinterest.  Follow me on COCOCOZY Pinterest and I'll add a few more one-wall inspiration photos!

Happy Tuesday!


Photos: Magnus Marding Link Deco; Oscar Properties


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