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living room with dueling sofas with navy COCOCOZY linen pillows mixed and matched, an oval coffee table, floor length curtains and fireplace with a large mirror on it's mantel

Today I bring you a lovely Los Angeles living room owned by Samantha and Barry Nugent. Feel so lucky that they let me barge into their home and take photos.  "Barge" is the operative word here...because it is exactly what I did. (Mom don't read would be appalled by my manners)

Last week, I all of a sudden decided that I wanted to take photos of nice rooms and homes. I like to take my own photos of homes, things, furniture and rooms. I need to do it more but of course like everyone else, life gets in the way and I get too busy.

The proper way to ask someone to do a photo shoot at their home is to call a few weeks (maybe in months) in advance, answer any questions they have, offer something nice in exchange.  On shoot day, it is customary to arrive on time, with some sort of nice offering (flowers, a candle anything) and to arrive with all of the proper equipment.

In this case, none of the above happened.

Last Wednesday, I emailed Samantha Nugent and simply asked..."May I please take pictures of your living room".   She so kindly said yes ( sweet).  And on Friday, during my lunch hour, I popped over to Samantha's house (I was almost 45 minutes late) with only by Canon Elph in hand (no fancy equipment or hostess gift).  Lucky for me Samantha is a good friend so she knows that I am generally nice and polite and well behaved (I think/hope)...but in any other world, I think my photo shoot session etiquette is clearly not the norm!

Anyhooo...onto this lovely home.

So Samantha (Sam) and Barry live with their three children in the tony area of Cheviot Hills - she is a former art dealer, he is a television executive.  Their house is a 1929 Spanish style house.  They are only the third family to occupy the charming space.  Back in 2010, the Nugents remodeled their home and living room. In early 2012, I was so honored that Sam and Barry decided to include my own COCOCOZY textiles (linen pillows) in their living room decor.

foyer with staircase with Spanish tiles and view into living room

COCO: When designing the living room...what was your goal?
SAMANTHA NUGENT(SAM): We loved the look of our living room, we wanted to keep the same look, only improve upon it. The windows that overlook the front lawn used to be french doors, with the glass to the floor. We changed them out and made them consistent in size with the rest of the windows in the room.

living room with arched ceiling and exposed beams, dueling sofas with COCOCOZY accent pillows, hard wood floor, fireplace with large mirror on mantel and floor length curtains

COCO: The arched ceiling...are the exposed beams original to the house?
SAM: The living room ceiling is original to the house. Actually, the painter simply put a shiny stain on the beams.

COCO: What are you most proud of about this house and the living room decor?
SAM: So many things! I love all of the natural light in our home, it feels light and pleasant in the daytime. Our home is very comfortable, I love to be home. On the flip side, it dresses up well for special occasions.

beige sofa with COCOCOZY accent pillows, oval glass table with metal legs on a woven rug. Behind it is a modern flower print and a small cabinet.
A modern flower print from artist Donald Baechler hangs on the Nugent's living room wall. (above and below)

Close up of Donald Baechler's flower print

mix and match COCOCOZY pillows on the living rooms neutral dueling sofas
Navy COCOCOZY linen pillows are mixed an matched on the living rooms neutral dueling sofas. (above)

warm leather club chair and brass flower lamp in the corner of the living room
A leather club chair and brass flower lamp and perfectly placed in a sun soaked corner of the living room. (above)

fireplace with Batchelder tiles with two candles and a large mirror on the mantel
An original fireplace complete with coveted Batchelder tiles. (above)

Glass hurricane on a fireplace mantel
Simple glass hurricanes dress up the fireplace mantel. (above)

Navy COCOZY Logo and COCOCOZY Plaid Solid pillows on a neutral sofa
COCOCOZY patterns add a some visual texture - COCOCOZY Logo and  COCOCOZY Plaid Solid linen pillows! (above)

living room with arched ceiling, neutral dueling sofas, a glass oval table, COCOCOZY pillows and wood floors
In the left hand upper corner...notice the yellow is art! A set of Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine, Volume 1: The Best of the First Decade 1969-1979. (above)

staircase with Spanish style tiles
The home is filled with original details including this fantastic staircase with Spanish style tiles that leads to the second floor. (above)

I love this living room. Simple, elegant, comfortable...easy on the eye. I love the barrel vaulted ceilings with exposed beams too. Beautifully done Samantha and Barry! Thank you for letting me barge in!  Thank you!!!! xo

It is always so cool for me to see COCOCOZY pillows in any this post is personally exciting to me!

Happy Tuesday!


P.S. On her remodel, Samantha worked with architect Tom Newman and contractor Gregory Greenwood. These guys are the best in town!

P.P.S.  Remember to vote today! I voted!  I went down to my polling place at about 6:40am.  My plan was to roll out of bed, splash some water on my face, put on a big sweater, drive all of a few blocks to the polling place (I am a native Los Angelenos...I drive everywhere), miss the lines, vote in this very important election, get back in my car and go home and get dressed for work.  Well, I didn't read the sample ballot that clearly says the polling place opened at 7am.  So there I stood, for 20 minutes, looking like a clown in pajamas and hair sticking up, waiting with a bunch of people who I don't know but who live in my neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills.  Note, my neighbors were all neatly dressed and knew that the polls didn't open until 7a. Needless to say, I made no small talk and literally ran to my car after I voted.  Tahdah...!  Anyhooo...more important things at stake today than my poor choice in polling place wardrobe!  Make sure to get out and vote please!

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All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY


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