model from tommy hilfiger's fall rtw 2012 wearomg a black suit with trim piping

So my very good friend Amie Robinson (aka A.Ro.) works for Tommy Hilfiger. A.Ro. is amazingly fashionable and has a great sense of style - she always has just the right outfit on with absolute the right accessories and touches. Last time I saw her she was wearing a vintage window pane check leather mini skirt, navy suede booties, a cap sleeve top and a cute clutch purse. She looked darling. A.Ro. is definitely my most stylish friend...I can say that without a doubt...she knows how to mix vintage pieces with new finds so well. She once told me she treats every day like a new day when it comes to fashion and she loves wearing totally new looks every day.

Recently A.Ro. was in Los Angeles with her whole Tommy Hilfiger group ( we hung out with her boss Trent Wisehart who is super cool and way too stylish himself and we also hung out with her other boss Justin Cox who has a great eye for design...Justin had just styled a very posh event at the Sunset Marquis hotel). The whole Tommy group is so much fun. We went out until late night on a week night. The next day I could barely crawl out of bed and make it to my real job.

Anyhooooo...because of A.Ro.,  I have totally been turned onto all things Tommy. This year's Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2012 collection is right up my alley. I love it. Preppy, classic, sharp, modern, tailored.  Love this collection.  I love the colors, mustard yellows, rusts, oxblood (one of A.Ro.'s coworkers pointed out that oxblood is really just maroon or burgundy but this year everyone is calling it oxblood!), muted purples with gray. I would wear almost every piece.

So today I bring you FASHION FORWARD - the Tommy Hilfiger fall collection as inspiration for all things home decor!

model from tommy hilfiger's fall rtw 2012 collection wearing a black, purple and gray skirt with slits and yellow piping trim and black opera gloves

roman and williams' purple living room and den with built in bookshelves full of books bookcase, two purple sofas, a dark wood coffee table and round chandelier with yellow lampshades.

model from tommy hilfiger's fall 2012 runway show wearing mustard yellow pants, a fur lined jacket and boots

dining room from casamid facebook with yellow chairs, a fireplace, built in bookshelves full of books and small sculptures, floor length curtains, french doors and a wood chandelier light

model from tommy hilfiger's fall 2012 runway show wearing rust velvet pants,a red vest with a peter pan collar and shiny brown long sleeve shirt holding an across the body bag

i2i jonn coolidge's rust and gray living room with burnt orange velvet sofa with white accent pillows and a modern sectional fireplace wall

model from tommy hilfiger's fall 2012 runway show wearing an oxblood patent leather pea coat with burgundy flat knee high boots

simon watson's red velvet settee loveseat sofa in a hallway

model from tommy hilfiger's fall 2012 runway show wearing oxblood leather pants and navy pea coat

I think my favorite from the runway is that patent leather pea coat. Whoa. Love it. Hello. My favorite room is the one with the dining room with the yellow cushions on the fantastic Casamidy chairs.

Which of these is your favorite? What do you think of Tommy's preppy chic style? Do weigh in on the comments.

Happy Thursday!


P.S. FASHIONABLE PRATFALL - So I was standing up from my desk in my office yesterday, heading out to go find a binder at my assistant's cubicle.  I stood up slowly but before I knew it, I felt my feet get all knotted up and tangled, and then loudly I tripped and fell into a huge heap on the floor. There I was, legs up in the air, body strewn almost face down on the floor in my corporate office (wearing some cute Rag & Bone black pants, a purple Isabel Marant blouse and my super high Christian Louboutin patent leather boots I might add). Not injured in the least but definitely not what I would call a chic or elegant move at fact just the opposite. Oy vey. There was a new intern sitting in a cubicle outside my office (it was his first day)...he saw the whole pratfall and seemed appalled. Once I gathered myself up I looked to find out why I had tripped. I tend to bring multiple purses to work...turns out I had tripped over a YSL and Chanel purse combo. Fashion can have its perils too I guess! LOL!!!

P.P.S. SHIPPING DAY - We have lots of big shipments going out at COCOCOZY HQ in Beverly Hills. Lots of COCOCOZY pillows and throws going out to customers around the country and now in the Bahamas too! So excited to that our collection is slowly but surely finding its way into stores across the country and world! CM who is just amazing and manages operations over at COCOCOZY HQ while I am at my real job, sent me this photo below of all of the boxes that have been packed up for shipping!

boxes ready for shipping at COCOCOZY HQ
COCOCOZY HQ in Beverly Hills - Shipping tons of COCOCOZY product to our customers! (above)

P.P.P.S. Last night had a great time out with TE - drinks at Chateau Marmont, then dinner at Laurel Hardware. Best of friend AM's husband JE was in town for a day and had a bit of time in the evening before flying TE and I met JE for a drink at Chateau Marmont. Was a fantastic evening.

P.P.P.P.S.  Happy Thursday again!

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Photos:; Roman & Williams; Casamidy; Jonn Coolidge; Simon Brown


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