COCOCOZY gift box with black and white stripped ribbon on a white table at COCOCOZY HQ
COCOCOZY Throw gift wrapped!

Stopped by COCOCOZY Headquarters (HQ) in Beverly Hills this morning before work. So exciting...a busy day.

Today, CM who runs all operations at COCOCOZY and JW who helps out with everything including marketing are both packing up gifts for a very special order we are doing for a very big entertainment company! The entertainment company has ordered dozens and dozens of our COCOCOZY throws as holiday gifts! Woohoooo!!

We wrap the throws in white boxes, with striped black and white grosgrain ribbon and with a COCOCOZY hangtag.

We are leaving the ribbon untied so the corporate client can put a note of their own inside the boxes.

Three giant stacks of white boxes at COCOCOZY HQ
Empty white boxes are stacked and ready to be filled with COCOCOZY Throws at the COCOCOZY Headquarters in Beverly Hills. (above)

Two black and white stripped ribbons folded neatly wrapped in plastic with COCOCOZY's logos on them on a white table. An orange post it note is in front of each stack with either "Option A" or "Option B" written on it
JW sent me options of how we are going to send the ribbon for gift wrapping to our corporate client. (above)

And then, as of this weekend, nights sparkle at COCOCOZY HQ.  Last night, JW, sent me this gorgeous photo below looking out of the window at COCOCOZY HQ.  We are in a building right on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills and every year for the holidays the building owner decks out the exterior of all of his buildings on the street with sparkle white lights.  We are on the top/second floor so the lights are right outside of our window.  I guess this weekend, unbeknownst to any of us, the lights went up. JW was in the office last night and all of sudden the lights turned on...she said it scared her at first because she wasn't expecting it...but then she was thrilled for all of the sparkle!

COCOCOZY HQ's window decorated with white icicle lights overlooking Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills
COCOCOZY HQ at Night - JW sent me this photo from COCOCOZY HQ with a note that said "Tis the season to sparkle"! Love this. (above)
So the holidays are in full swing at COCOCOZY HQ.  Getting a jump start on Christmas!

A packing day and a sparkling night at our little tiny offices!  So exciting!  A special thanks to CM and JW for all of their hard work.  Things are looking awesome!

Happy Thursday!


P.S. Also, to add to the confusion at HQ today, we have a new chandelier that just arrived and CM and JW are having that hung today by our handyman as well.  Will share pictures of the new light fixture soon!

P.P.S.  Please tweet me on COCOCOZY Twitter about anything to do with design and decor and anything else...and I'll tweet back!  I love hearing from you all!


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