Caroline Edwards' bedroom in Aspen with rustic, pitch high ceilings, exposed beams, light blue upholstered bed, white molded fireplace

So best of friend FF invited me and TE to spend a few days with her, her husband and their son (my godson) at her vacation home outside of Vail, CO.  The invite is for some time between Christmas and New Years. Could be kind of fun.  Last I saw FF was in Nantucket this summer.  I miss her and would love to see her.  I have not been to this house/chalet that she and her husband built...but it is apparently quite wonderful.

So when I came upon this picture of this Aspen reminded me I need to decide what I am doing for the holiday week. I like this bedroom...a guest room in an Aspen home I am sure. Complete with exposed beams, fireplace and views of the great outdoors.  I love the pale blue upholstered bed too. So cozy.  Understated.  I like the neutral tones.

I wonder if the guest bedroom in FF's house looks anything like this?  FF said we would have our own "wing" of her Colorado ski house so I wonder what that means. Hmmmm....thinking...I am not a big skier but I love everything about being in a snowy ski town during the winter.  Would be so cozy and holiday!

Where would you spend your dream holiday week? Would you want to be in the mountains, in the city, at the beach...where? What says holiday to you?

Happy Tuesday!



Photo: Caroline Edwards


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