living room in a New York City penthouse apartment designed by John Pawson with light wood floors, a white rug, glass coffee table,white walls and white sofa

I like this New York City penthouse home overlooking Gramercy Park.

A modern 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath duplex taking up two full floors of a 1924 converted prewar building. The unit is approximately 4,235 square feet.

The home is listed by Corcoran Group and here is what the website has to say about this darling NYC gem:

"World renown London-based architect, John Pawson has converted a prewar (built 1924) penthouse duplex on Gramercy Park into a spectacular example of his purist, minimal design. This unique apartment is most striking for its understated calm but still manages to feel utterly luxurious combined with the 24/7 services available from the 5- Star, Gramercy Park Hotel.

The apartment is two full floors consisting of three bedrooms and three bathrooms plus powder room. The lower 17th floor consists of an entry gallery leading to a great room, library with wood burning fireplace and formal dining room - all with southern exposure and magnificent Gramercy Park views. This floor also has a media room, two bedrooms each with ensuite bathrooms, a powder room and a large eat-in kitchen with northern views towards the Chrysler Building. A winding staircase takes you to the master bedroom suite on the top floor with another wood burning fireplace, home office, two large walk-in closets and master windowed bathroom with double sinks, soaking tub and separate shower stall. The top level has two enormous private terraces on the south & north sides of the building. These terraces provide sweeping views of Gramercy Park and downtown NYC.

Additional features of this property include: Access to a private key to Gramercy Park"

So today I bring you a stunning renovated two story penthouse in SEE THIS HOUSE!

fireplace room in a New York City apartment with light wood floors, a cow skin rug, two white chairs and a great view of the city

reverse view of living room in New York Ciry penthouse with white sofas, light wood floor, a white rug and a glass coffee table

New York City penthouse dining room with ghost chairs, a glass top table, light wood floors, and a great view of the city

modern kitchen in a New York City penthouse with wood veneer cabinets and metal table island

master bedroom in an New York City apartment with a fireplace, flat screen view, white walls, white bed with gray accents

Balcony and view from a New York City penthouse with a view Gramercy Park

grammercy park view from a New York City penthouse apartment

So what do you think of this multi million dollar city listing? Would you uproot from where you are to live here if someone offered it to you? What might you change?

I would definitely fill this out with more cute furniture (add some classic traditional pieces to mix in with the ultra modern look), put some art to the walls, and of course throw in a few COCOCOZY textiles to warm things up a bit. I'd also have so much fun decorating our my outdoor space. Notice how I'm already calling it "my" outdoor space. Hmmm.... tell your thoughts in the comments section below!

Happy Thursday!


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photo shoot with COCOCOZY Gift Cards at COCOCOZY HG
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COCOCOZY gift card and gift box
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