breakfast nook in a country house in the UK with white tables and chairs, a painting of a bull terrier hanging over what was once a fireplace, gray walls, and walnut herringbone wood floors

So early this morning at 7am, Rolando came over to take a look at my wood floors and to give me a quote on replacing them.

Rolando, a flooring contractor, seems like a very nice man. Was happy to meet him. It was raining quite hard this morning when he came over. He wiped his feet on the door mat, came in with a nice smile and proceeded to examine my floors.  Rolando got down on his hands and knees, knocked on the floors with his fist and looked at every nook and cranny.  The diagnosis was that because of the buckling and some water damage, it is indeed time that I change my wood floors.  I knew that but it was good to hear someone else say it.

Then Rolando asked me what I wanted as far as wood floors.  I immediately said "herringbone wood floors please".  He said "that is very expensive".  Uh oh.  Anyhooo...we went over some pictures of what I liked...as far s color (a brownish gray or grayish brown) and texture (slight distressed with wood texture showing) and type (I want real wood...he offered up engineered and I said no thank you).

Anyhooo....I was taking Rolando through pictures of herringbone wood floors, I came upon images of this country house in the UK. I told him I didn't like the color featured here for my house but I did like the herringbone pattern.  Rolando immediately said "that's Walnut, those are Walnut wood floors."

Walnut floors it seem can be a very rich brown in color with red undertones.   Rolando said Walnut is pretty but can't be changed to light wood if down the road I decide I want a change of color in my floors.

As I said, this color floor shown in this British home won't quite work in my little tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills (I need a little darker with a bit more gray) but I can appreciate how these floors look.

I like the Walnut floors paired with the whisper gray paint on the walls in this home in Britain.  The combo works.  Take a look.

foyer in a UK country house with reclaimed wood table, gray walls, and walnut herringbone wood floors

living room in a UK country house with walnut herringbone wood floors, white sofas, a white molded fireplace, gray walls, and a white shag rug with a long coffee table on top.

alternate view of living room in a UK country house with walnut herringbone wood floors with a view into the dining room with gray walls

dining room with a with walnut herringbone wood floors, reclaimed wood tables, wooden chairs, white molded fireplace and antique mirror

What do you think of the Walnut herringbone wood floors and the gray walls...does this pairing work for you?  Or is it slightly off?  What color wood floors do you have in your house?  Please comment below.

Happy Friday!


P.S. Rolando is coming back Sunday morning at 9am with some samples and a quote.  I can't wait to see the samples.  I am afraid to see the quote.  Wish me luck!

P.P.S.  Hope you have a great Friday and a good weekend!

Photos: Light Locations


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