Antique arched French cellar door re-purposed as a closet door in a white modern Miami apartment.

An arched antique French cellar door repurposed as a closet door in a modern Miami apartment. Love this. Taking something old and using it in a new way. Great design idea in my view from fantastic interior designer Darryl Carter.

Anyhooo...this weekend I'm cleaning out my "closet" to a certain extent - a metaphor really...won't be actually physically cleaning anything but I will taking stock of a lot of things...eliminating the unnecessary and making room for bigger and better things. Cleaning out the old...to start making room for the new. That's my weekend plan.  Am really looking forward to a clean "closet"!  New beginnings are always exciting!  Will keep you posted

What are you doing this weekend?  Are you taking stock?  Cleaning anything out?  Literally or figuratively speaking?  What do you think of this fantastic closet? Like or dislike?

Hope you have a great weekend!

Happy Saturday!


Photo: Elle Decor


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