White children's bedroom with two beds with patterned bedding, pink spotted accents on the curtains, a small table with two green chairs and a large round pink lantern on the ceiling

I like a little dot or spot here and there in a kids room. Dots work for little boys or little girls rooms quite well. I like a subtle dot...not quite a big bold polka dot...a dot that just adds nice visual texture to a child's room. Instead of polka dot...what should I call these dots. A chic dot? A modern dot? A dashing dot?  Maybe I'll call these chic subtle dots...coco dots...or is that too self serving?  Hmmmm....

Anyhooo (one reader says she doesn't like when I say anyhooo...but I do say anyhoooo...sorry dear reader...I'll try to lessen the anyhoos...but I do find for me it does reflect what's ticking up in my little head...not quite an "anyway" or "any how" anyhoooo is my way of getting myself to I start to meander off topic as I so often do, somehow I all of a sudden think "Anyhoooo time to get on track"...P.S. I just scrolled through my posts and noticed I do say anyhooo quite a bit...ooops....yikes...point taken...)...

So anyhoooo :-), would love to know what you think of these sophisticated dots for kids!

Bed sheets with a light brown bottom and white top separated at the half way point by a row of red dots
Serena & Lily - Deep Coral Dot Sheet Set - $139 (Twin)(above)

Child's room with one cream colored wall with blue poka dots, a white table and chair with a teddy bear in one of them, a toy car, a white bed with blue pillows, a white chest of drawers and a window with small plants on the window sill

Painting made of lipstick dot swatches arranged in a 5x10 rectangle
Cocoa & Hearts - Lipstick & Dots Painting (above)

Kid's bedroom with white beds with white bedding with blue spots, white under bed storage cabinets and framed pictures from a variety of children's books

Kid's room with gray carpet, gray braided poof seat, floor length curtains with turquoise, green and gray spots in rows running down it, and a white Eames chair with a teddy bear in it

oversided brown bean bag chair with white spots
PB Kids - Chocolate Mini Dot Oversized Bean Bag - on sale $129 (above)

Kid's bedroom with white shelves with orange and brown doors, bunk beds and a crib in matching blue and white frame, orange accents on the ladder and crib and a large framed picture of a circle with colored dots arranged in a circle inside it

White circle with multicolored dots arranged in circles inside it
Damien Hirst - Zomepirac (2003. Household gloss on canvas. Spot painting.  72" diameter)(above)

Love the artist Damien Hirst and all of his spot paintings. They are so gorgeous.

What do you think of this spotty style? Like or dislike? Where might you use spots in your home?

Happy Monday!


P.S. Went to a fun party with TE on Saturday at a gorgeous home in Santa Monica. Lovely event, charming host and hostess, nice guests, good conversation and all in an absolutely beautiful setting!

P.P.S. My Christmas tree is up. My gardener brought me a 6 foot tall Douglas Fir and I decorated it last night with silver and sparkles. I think I may be allergic to my tree though. I woke up with puffy eyes!

P.P.P.S. Floor guy came and gave me a quote to redo my wood floors in my tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills that is around 700 square feet. He said the price would be $10,000 or so. That feels way too high! Needless to say, I'm getting another quote!

Photos: Stadshem; Petra Bindel; Emily Mughannam, EM Design Interiors; Vogue


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