living room with mint green floor length curtains, copper tom dixon pendant, green and white striped rugs, wood floor, white sofa and brightly colored pillows

I like ceiling and wall mounted curtains used as room and space dividers in this small apartment. The mint green curtains in the living room and the coral orange in the bedroom work.  Drapery in two different complimentary colors to create a horizontal fade (or ombre look) effect.  I like.

Using a wall mounted drape is great for concealing an area or for defining separate spaces in a small apartment, flat or home.  Good small space saving idea I think.

Also, I think these little rooms look so bright and cheerful and colorful. Love the mix of colors!  Also love the copper pendant light and striped rugs in the living room.

bedroom with orange floor length curtains, a low bed, light wood floor, and a red accent table

What do you think of this design idea?  Like or dislike?

Happy Thursday!


P.S.  Below are a few more pictures of COCOCOZY Headquarters (HQ) in Beverly Hills where we used a ceiling mounted drape on a track to conceal our storage racks. Our offices are indeed quite small so this trick worked for us.  We used the COCOCOZY Logo Linen fabric in Gray.  Design wise the office is still a work in progress.  Need to now decorate.  Have had no time though!

COCOCOZY HQ partially decorated
Ceiling mounted drapes conceal storage at the COCOCOZY offices in Beverly Hills. Office is still a work in progress...not finished decorating yet and we've been there for about 6 months! (above and below)

COCOCOZY HQ partially decorated alternative view

P.P.S.  Yesterday, a friend of mine who is the head of talent for a cable network asked us to put together a last minute holiday gift proposal for him - gifts he possibly wants to give to some people in his organization within the next week.  So, in less than an hour, CM and JW did a quick photo shoot at COCOCOZY HQ to showcase some of our gift items.  JW shot the photos and CM styled and put together a whole proposal for my network executive friend. Below is the fruits of the little shoot and the proposed gift assortment they came up with featuring our COCOCOZY Logo Lucite Trays and some COCOCOZY Candles.  Thank you CM and JW.  Nice work.  We don't know if my cable network executive friend will end up going with our gifts but I think the COCOCOZY team did a great job of putting our best foot forward!

COCOCOZY wrapped box, COCOCOZY Lucite Logo Tray in black and white, COCOCOZY Candles in Black Label and Beach
COCOCOZY Holiday GIfts - COCOCOZY Lucite Logo Trays and COCOCOZY Candles! (above)
P.P.P.S.  So thrilled (and relieved)...We got our COCOCOZY Logo Lucite trays back in stock as of yesterday!   We're shipping all today and tomorrow.  A nice whirlwind of buzz for these trays meant that we sold out almost immediately.   Now we are back in business just in time to ship for the holiday.  Still not too late to order yours!

P.P.P.P.S.  12/12/12 was a very interesting day for us at COCOCOZY.  Hopefully I'll be able to talk about  it soon.

P.P.P.P.P.S. The other night was out to dinner with CM and he made a good point about putting things in perspective and appreciating your life now.  He said one of his favorite songs is Carly Simon's Anticipation...CM said every time he hears the lyrics in that song "These are the good old days, these are the good old days....", he remembers to appreciate the moments in his life now.  While sitting at a fantastic dinner with me and JW on Tuesday night, CM gleamed and smiled and said..."You guys these are the good old days.  We're in them right now.  These are them. Let's take a moment and really really enjoy these times now because later we'll be calling these days the "good old" ones."  He's right.

Photo: Kjellander + Sjoberg


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