Four COCOCOZY holiday cards two facing forwards and two facing backwards arranged in a rectangle
COCOCOZY 2012 Holiday Card! (above)

So our 2012 holiday cards came in yesterday for COCOCOZY. They are being sent out today.

We're going for a clean modern preppy holiday card look this year. All of our printed materials are designed by super duper fantastic freelance graphic designer EF. She does everything for us including the catalog, our postcards, stationery, order forms, letterhead...everything. EF is so talented and she is really cute too. I feel so lucky to have been working with her on the COCOCOZY graphic look for the last 2 years. She is awesome.

So our 2012 holiday card...Bold stripes on the back of the card and a simple white border on the front. The color scheme is a winter light blue, silver and white. A serif font and tah dah.

Last year we used the same wording "Joy" but the card looked a little different. Not that things can change now but wondering which COCOCOZY Holiday card you like best in today's THIS OR THAT!  The new 2012 card or the old 2011 card?

COCOCOZY holiday card 2012
New - 2012 holiday card. (above)

COCOCOZY holiday card 2011
Old - 2011 holiday card (above)

two COCOCOZY holiday cards. One facing forwards the other facing backwards

So which of these two cards do you like better... the old or the new version.  It is too late to change the cards now but your opinion will definitely help us in deciding what we do for 2013. We'll certainly change the wording next year from "joy" to something else...I almost went with "believe" this year, but everyone except EF seemed to not like that! :-)

Want to hear your thoughts!

Happy Tuesday!


P.S.  Deciding on a holiday card can be tough.  Spent about two days on email with best of friend AM as she designed her family holiday card with pictures of her kids.  AM sent several versions to me and her hubby JE to approve.  Her cards turned out so cute...but there was one version where she had two side by side close up shots of her kids on the back of the card; her husband's comment on that version was "These look like mugshots".  Needless to say, AM quickly changed out those photos! LOL!

All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY


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