modern rustic home with wood paneling

After spending a fantastic 6 days in the mountains in Colorado, I'm totally in mountain mode - obsessed with the cabin style. I'd like to point out, we didn't stay in anything close to a cabin though...unless a gorgeous "ski in, ski out" private residence chalet or a full service ski resort count as a cabin?

While in the Beaver Creek area, best of friend FF and her husband CCF took TE and I to a party one night in the posh area of Bachelor Gulch. The party was at a house that was for sale for $5.4 million dollars. It was a very large home that was made to look like a kitschy log was not my style at all...lots of knotty logs on the walls and ceiling, carved bear statues throughout, lots of furry things on the beds...quite a distinctive look I think. While the overall design was not my cup of tea, it seemed lots of the party goers were intrigued by the look. As my mother would say, "Every bread has its cheese".

We were lucky enough to spend 2 days with best of friend FF at her gorgeous modern mountain home...I didn't take pictures but the home was magnificent...the complete antithesis of the party home we had gone to. FF and her husband CCF built a stunning home that compliments the stunning snowy environment while also being clean, modern and sleek in design. So chic.

Anyhooo...all of this chatter to say...after being in the mountains for days...I started to think about modern rustic design.

While perusing all things design on the web, I've noticed a growing trend and theme... paneled walls that are made from slats of wood. I like if done properly.

What do you think?

rustic cottage with modern twists from patterned furniture and white accents

breakfast nook in a cozy cottage

beautiful bathroom with knotty wood paneling

Photos: Eric Roth; Beth Webb; Meyer Davis; Amelia Handegan

Your turn to weigh in? Like or dislike these wood walls? Do tell? I like the first image where the wood is used on the ceiling as well to create strong vertical lines - visual eye candy!

Let me know what you think!

Happy Thursday!


P.S. Got some photos back from our catalogue shoot that we did at my sis DS's house just 3 days before Christmas. Love this shot below of our COCOCOZY Lucite Tray. Will be sharing lots of other photos of the new 2013 COCOCOZY collection with you as well over the next few days!

COCOCOZY Lucite Tray in black and white
COCOCOZY Lucite Tray in black and white - $99! (above)

P.P.S.  For those of you going to market, we'll be showing the new collection in Atlanta next week at the Atlanta Gift Show.  Our collection is at the Christian Mosso Associates Showroom in Building 1 of America's Mart.  Stop by and check out all of the new COCOCOZY goodies!


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