formal dining room with steel painted paneled walls, white coffered ceilings and brass accents

A formal dining room that feels casual and inviting at the same time.  I like this dining room in a Rustic Canyon home here in Los Angeles.  The room is beautifully constructed with lots of painted paneled walls, coffered ceilings, encasement windows and brass touches.  Something very formal - probably the size - yet something very warm about this space.  I love the steel gray blue walls juxtaposed against the gray ceilings.  Looks good.

The dining room leads to quite a swank kitchen with its island wrapped in a sheet of gold or brass finished metal.  Makes the view from the dining room into the kitchen quite a site!

All designed by William Hefner Architects.  Nicely done.

alternative view of a formal dining room with steel painted paneled walls, white coffered ceilings and brass accents

kitchen designed by William Hefner with glass doors, gray stools and yellow island with white marble countertop

kitchen designed by William Hefner with panel doors, white cabinets and a yellow island with a marble countertop

What do you think of this dining room and kitchen?  I love it just in case can't tell!

Happy Tuesday!


P.S. Sorry I didn't blog yesterday.  Was running around like a chicken with no head!

P.P.S.  Had a nice weekend actually.  Went to a Lakers game.  The Lakers won.  Then ended up at dinner at Church and State.  On Saturday, saw best of guy friend BN and SN at their family home right on the water in Santa Monica.  TE and I had a nice Saturday lunch with them and their cute kiddies out by the pool.  Going to try to help SN with some bedding for the beach house too.  On Sunday, we went to the Soho House to watch the Oscars.  Met up with my other best of guy friend JD and his fiancé Alison Blumenfeld (she always looks so chic)...we missed most of the show because we were jibber jabbering so much...but we did take time to ooh and ahhh at the dresses of course.

P.P.P.S.  Gave up gluten for Lent...among many other things including sugar.  TE and I managed to find a diner in Marina del Rey that serves gluten free pancakes with sugar free syrup!  They are soooooooooooo gooooood.  Felt like I was cheating because isn't the point to give up something?

P.P.P.P.S.  Wood arrived for the floors in my little tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills!  I ended up getting 7" wide white oak with beveled edges.  The wood will sit at my house for a few weeks to acclimate and then we install.  Still figuring out the color and the finish - I want to go for a natural looking greyish brown...all on the lighter side...trying to get a little bit of rustic old world feel for the finish.  Send me pictures of any ideas you may have!!

white oak wood floor planks stacked on top of each other
My 7" white oak wood floor planks sitting at my tiny little cottage in the Hollywood Hills. (above)

Photos: William Hefner Architects


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