Hallway with blue stained wood floors, black paneled doors and a black chair with geometric arms

I like this Greenwich, CT home decorated by interior design personality Thom Filicia. A home filled with lots of texture and decorated in an eclectic but traditional style.  Going to be painting my tiny little den soon in my home...wondering if I should try blue like the library below.  Hmmm...thinking.

a beige couch sits in a living room in front of two large black framed windows with patterned floor length curtains. Two large blocks of wood are in front of the couch to serve as a coffee table.

breakfast nook with four chairs made of a large wicker weave surrounding a wooden table with a serving tray holding a vase of flowers, a glass ball and a pair of horns. The room is lit by large black framed windows with floor length patterned curtains

Library with blue walls with a large blue painting on the wall, a blue couch with patterned pillows and a Moroccan rug with blue accents


Bedroom with Seagrass walls, raffia headboard and white nightstand with raffia accents

What do you think of this designed home? Anything stand out to you.

Happy Tuesday!


P.S. I guess this week is West Week in Los Angeles. Some kind of design week. Even though I've been blogging for almost 6 years on interiors...I'm always the last one to know about any of these design weeks here in Los Angeles. So much for being on the pulse of all things design. So, just learned that my favorite fabric showroom in town, Harbinger, is having a little reception tonight. I will have to swing by Harbinger with CM who runs all things operations at COCOCOZY. I was at a t.v. show shoot for my regular job until about 11:30p last night (we shot on the streets of Hollywood)...so I am a little tired looking (really)...but I'll try to show up.

P.P.S. Gave up all gluten, potatoes, corn, sugar and dried mangoes for Lent this year. I think I may he gaining weight though...because I've allowed myself rice! Arggghhhhhhh. Help. Argggghhhhhh....may have to give up rice too (not for Lent but just because I'm over eating it during Lent because I can't eat anything else)...but then what will I eat...? I know...fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish...blah blah blah...life is so dull without any good bad-for-you-carbohydrates. Woe is me. First world problem...I know.

P.P.P.S. Got a nice email from interior designer Kate Jackson.  I met Kate several years ago at an event at interior designer Michael Smith's house in Los Angeles. Anyhooo...Kate ordered some COCOCOZY fabric for one of her clients awhile back and just shared with me how she used it. Here just below is a picture of the bedroom Kate designed in her client's house for a college age girl.  You can see the rest of the house on Kate's Pinterest page.  Love seeing COCOCOZY textiles in this room! Thanks for sharing this photo Kate!

Bedroom with COCOCOZY Plaid Solid shams in navy, COCOCOZY Loop pillow in pink reverse and COCOCOZY Quatrefoil pillow in pink leaning up against a grey headboard
COCOCOZY Plaid Solid shams in navy, COCOCOZY Loop pillow in pink reverse and my Quatrefoil pillow in pink in a Rhode Island beach home's bedroom designed by interior designer Kate Jackson!

P.P.P.P.S. Have a good Tuesday!


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