Beautiful apartment white living room with large windows
No curtains on the very large windows in this Danish apartment. (above)

To cover a window or not to cover a window? That is the question.

I go back and forth on this one. I once told my good guy friend BN that drapes, curtains or shades weren't really necessary if you had great windows in your home. He and his wife SN have great windows in their home. Then, with a little of my help, BN and SN had gorgeous plain off white heavy linen curtains custom made for their living room and the space looked so inviting and finished. much for my window theory.

Here's what I've decided (for now)...if you have large windows with some interesting features either in size or shape, window coverings aren't necessary unless everyone in the world including the guy who lives next door can see in. Does this make sense?

Large window with view in bright sun lit apartment good natural light
This window has so much trim and so many "lights" in interesting shapes that it would be a shame to  cover it up with drapery. (above)

Arched window overlooking modern dining room decor decroate no curtains drapes bare windows
Curtains or shades would ruin the drama of this fantastic arched window. (above)

Sheer white roman shades window coverings
Regular windows in a city apartment definitely could use some sort of window covering (in this case roman shades) to finish the space. (above)
What do you think...drapery or no drapery?  Do weigh in!

Happy Friday!


P.S.  MY CLOSET RE-DESIGN - Spent the evening at a store last night designing the interior of my closet.  Below the version I bought.  Over $1,200 later, I now have a new closet design that will be installed AFTER I move back into my house in a couple weeks (hint: "after" is the operative word here).  Good planning on my part...right?  Over $1,200 for some rods and wire shelves?  By the way, that does not include installation and delivery...oy va voy. Some might say this is cheap in the greater closet redesign scheme of things...but for me, who has never done a felt like a lot. Bottom line though after 1.5 hours with a nice lady named Marie at the computer, I gained 4 feet more hanging space in my reach bedroom closet with a little design magic. Woohooo!  Standard reach in closets are about 24" deep...we moved a wall and made my closet (post water damage) now 36" deep...allows for some use of the side walls too!  Can an organized closet design change your life?  I feel like 48" more of hanging space will change mine!

Closet design blue print
Plans for my revamped bedroom closet (above and below)

Organized closet design rendering
Oddly enough, I have several evening gowns and long dresses.  Am all ready for any black tie event I suppose! So the area on the right is for those. (above0

P.P.S.  Staycationing in Laguna this weekend with TE.  Should be a fun one night getaway!  Can't wait.  I asked him if I could drive his convertible down to Laguna with him as the passenger...he just laughed...I think he questions my driving skills.  I wonder why?  Hmmm. :-)   Even though just staying for one night, packing will be its usual dilemma (especially since the majority of my clothes are in storage)!  Will figure it out I'm sure.  Clearly a "first world problem"...

P.P.P.S.  GIVEAWAY REMINDER - Remember you have until noon Pacific time to enter the COCOCOZY Light Pillow Giveaway.  I'll pick 4 winners in the end!  Don't miss out!

Photos: Skona Hem; Alvhem Malekeri; Trevor Tondro


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