COCOCOZY Light pillows on a white chair with a wood accent table holding white tulips and a candle
Black & White classics - COCOCOZY Light Pillows on a Crate & Barrel Petrie Chair. (above)

The perfect match - my COCOCOZY Light Pillows and a beautifully designed chair!

House Beautiful is doing a chair giveaway next week...and this Crate & Barrel Petrie chair is one of the chairs being given away!

Here's what House Beautiful sent me about the chair giveaway:

"The magazine is coming to Hollywood to launch its tribute to the most classic color combination of all with an exciting social media happening called “Beautiful in Black & White.”  House Beautiful editor in chief Newell Turner  will launch the “Beautiful in Black & White” program in LA on March 6, when the HB team will begin secretly placing 20 black and white chairs in iconic locations around the city—all for the taking."

House Beautiful asked me to relate the chair to a classic black and white Hollywood movie.  Well, one of my favorite movies of all time is Notorious (1946).  Notorious is an Alfred Hitchcock film starring Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant.  The movie was on t.v. a few weeks ago and I took pictures of the screen (seen here) just because I love that movie so much (I'm a total old movie geek).

I didn't even know when I would use the photos and then House Beautiful emailed me earlier this week asking me to chat about their chair giveaway!  Not only did I have pictures of my favorite movie but the chair they offered me was a chair I use to shoot the COCOCOZY textiles collection on!  That's why I say a perfect match.  Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant are incredible in this spy thriller...there is so much chemistry between them - a classic duo.  I also think that this chair and my pillows go oh so well together in a classic marriage of black and white!

Frame from the movie Notorious (1946)
Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman in Notorious (1946) - took this photo with my phone of the television screen at my sis DS's house a few weeks ago! (above)

COCOCOZY Light pillows in Rive and Etoile in black and white with a wooden accent table holding tulips and a white candle
COCOCOZY Light - Rive pillow and Etoile pillow in black and white on this classic chair. (above)

Crate & Barrel - Petrie Chair -$999 (above)

Frame of Cary Grant from Notorious (1946)

In addition to the 20 chairs...the House Beautiful scavenger hunt will also include a giveaway of other items including these black & white custom made Caesarstone side tables! These angular modern side tables have a strong silhouette...a little bit like Bergman and Grant!

angled side table made of quartz with a crocodile print with a piece of natural quartz on top
Caesarstone Custom side tables in Motivo (Sleek side tables made from quartz surface incorporating sculpted pattern designs. Shown here in a crocodile inspired pattern) (above and below)

angled side table made of quartz with a crocodile print with two decorate metal pieces on top

frame of Ingrid Bergman from Notorious (1946) in order to enter the have to check out House Beautiful's Twitter Page for the clues. It all begins next week on March 6.  Follow House Beautiful Twitter to figure out how to enter!!!

What do you think of the chair, pillows and tables? Do you like the whole idea of black and white home furnishings?

Good luck! Hope you win!

Happy Friday!


P.S. Sorry posting has been so sporadic this week. Busy busy week for COCOCOZY. In addition to packing up 500 pillows and 275 throws for two very special orders, we are also sending out dozens and dozens of COCOCOZY Collection items to our retailers around the country! When it pours. This week has been crazy...and I'm sure next week will be so quiet!  CM who runs all things operations has been doing a fantastic superb job of organizing everything and getting it done.  CM and JW are joined by very nice SS and NG who are helping out this "packing week". Here are few pics of "packing week" at COCOCOZY.

COCOCOZY HQ during packing week
Boxes lined the COCOCOZY HQ Beverly Hills office when I walked in earlier this week - these boxes are filled with items for  wholesale orders we are filling! (above and below)

Boxes of COCOCOZY orders on their way out

COCOCOZY Circle Chevron in boxes during packing week
A few of the 500 pillows that are being packed up yesterday and today - these are special pillows I made for a very special partnership. (above)

P.P.S. Have so many emails to catch up on...(Aunt SS...I'm going to email you back..thank you for the link)!

P.P.P.S. Happy Friday again!


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