yellow kitchen modern stainless steel backsplash counters interior design home decor
Hello yellow - a bright cheerful small kitchen with stainless steel counters and backsplash. (above)
KITCHEN WEEK day 3 here on COCOCOZY!  Today I bring you a few very bright colorful kitchens.   I am afraid of too much color as you probably can tell by the images on the blog...but of course, just the right dose of color can really make a huge design statement.

I actually love all of these colorful kitchens pictured here...but which would I actually dare to live with?  Hmmm...thinking....

cornflower blue kitchen marble slab backsplash counters countertops modern design small space home
Modern very small kitchen with flat front cornflower blue cabinets and a marble slab backsplash. (above and below)

zellig tile blue green kitchen backsplash farmhouse sink rustic decor interior design home
Green and blue are the order of the day in this rustic kitchen with a gorgeous zellig tile backsplash and a farmhouse sink. (above)

red small kitchen glossy cabinets cabinetry stainless steel counters countertops home decor decorating interior design
Red kitchen with glossy modern cabinets and wood and stainless counters. (above)

Do you have a color filled kitchen in your home?  If not, would you consider any of these bright options if you could?  Please do weigh in...

I think I would go for the light blue modern kitchen with the marble slab backsplash if I had to chose one.

Do tell.

Happy Wednesday!


P.S.  Go to COCOCOZY Pinterest to see a very very bright orange kitchen.  Orange! Would love to know whether you could live with that color on a day to day basis.  Also, you can see other views of these kitchens there too!  Follow along on Pinterest!

Photos: Iconify; Sasa Antic; Rum ID; Soderberg Agentur


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