black and white Moroccan tiles in a bathroom with a platform tub by Workstead
Moroccan type mosaic tiles in cream and black. (above)

I like the work of Brooklyn based design collective, Workstead.  Something very earthy, raw yet modern and eclectic about their aesthetic.  A blend of nostalgia and new.  Very cool.

Love the black and cream tile in the bath above.  I adore the decorative wall molding in the living room below.  I am picking out the wall molding for my bedroom today.  Was going to just do what I had before...large squares and rectangles...but loving the etched rectangle wall molding shown below.  Hmmm...considering.

living room with white walls etched rectangle wall modling, wood floors, a piano, gray sofas and a black leather ottoman chair

Gray floating shelves with a black ladder going up to a skylight

Kitchen overlooking dining room with greige walls and cabinets and wood accents
Subtle detail added to the kitchen cabinets in the form of custom L shaped wood door handles. (above and below)

Close up of the greige cabinets and their L shaped wood door handles in the kitchen

Is this your style?  What do you think of Workstead's work?

Happy Tuesday!


P.S.  Multi million dollar answer - Yesterday, most of you answered correctly on the post about the two multi million dollar apartments.  The Tribeca loft is a mere $15.8 million...while the 5th Ave/62nd apartment is over $19 million!

P.P.S.  Stopped by my little tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills over the weekend with TE.  The wood floors are in!  Not stained yet...but they have been laid!  So excited....

unfinished white oak floors
Unfinished white oak wood floors in my tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills - I chose 7"wide planks with beveled edges.  Still deciding on color! (above and below)

unfinished white oak floor

P.P.P.S.   Spent 2.5 hours of my life watching the Bachelor last night.  Have lost brain cells.  Will spend day trying to figure out how to rejuvenate those cells lost.  Uhhhhhhhh....duhhhhhhh....uhhhhhh....

P.P.P.P.S.  COCOCOZY GIVEAWAY - Tomorrow, I'm doing a giveaway!  Don't know what we're giving away yet...but it will be something good from the COCOCOZY Collection!  Stay tuned for details!


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