COCOCOZY rug display at the Capel showroom in High Point, NC (above)

So I cried yesterday.  I cried in a public place.   Right in the middle of several people.  Here's why.

Yesterday was the debut of the COCOCOZY for Capel Rugs collection here in High Point, NC.
Cameron Capel - grand daughter of the founder of Capel Rugs - took me into the showroom at Market Square with showroom manager Ron Bristow, Deanne O'Connor and Capel President John Magee.  When I first saw the display I was bowled over with joy...giggling, laughing, ooohing and ahhhing.  I chittered and chattered with glee.  I was so happy!  This went on for about 10 minutes.

Then all of a sudden I looked over to my left and I saw a COCOCOZY for Capel Rugs sign pasted onto the showroom window....and that is when I started to cry.

It was overwhelming in a wonderful way.  Here I am, just a normal girl, who started blogging 5 years ago...standing in the middle of a posh showroom with an entire collection of 24 luxury rugs staring at me...and the brand name I made up late one night in my kitchen years ago (COCOCOZY) staring right back at me too...larger than life.  It was a moment.

I know there will be many more ups and downs on this journey I am taking with COCOCOZY.  I am prepared for that.  I've learned a lot about myself...becoming a business owner and all...I hope I've helped you all learn a bit and get inspired too.  So many of the moments I have spent dealing with the twists and turns of running a business have been challenging...some of them lows...some of them were so confusing.

Yesterday, though, was a moment that I did take to pause...I paused and was thankful for all of the wonderful people I've worked with and met along the way.  I was also overcome with emotion.  So I cried right there in public.  A good cry.  A happy cry. A very happy cry.

Heading back to Los Angeles later today.  More from High Point tomorrow!

Happy Tuesday!


P.S.  Thank you to Ron Bristow and Ken for setting up a marvelous display.

P.P.S.  A huge thank you to Tami Watras who is the former Creative Director at Capel who found me a year and half ago!

P.P.P.S. A big huge thank you to Cameron Capel who has hosted me all weekend!  Such a lovely time having dinners etc.!

P.P.P.P.S.  I'll share more photos later!


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