modern georgica pond pool hamptons white lounge chairs outdoor patio yard bates masi architects
A sleek modern pool overlooking Georgica Pond in the Hamptons (above)

I happened upon the website of Bates Masi Architects and was so intrigued.  Bates Masl is an award winning Hamptons based architecture firm run by architects Paul Masi and Harry Bates.  When I think of the Hamptons, I often think of a traditional shingled Gambrel style beach homes.  Well Bates Masl designs homes that are the complete opposite of traditional upscale beach home.  Their homes are modern, massive and  layered with innovative architectural detail.

Here are a few images of their work! Please note, these images were pulled from several different projects/homes Bates Masl created.

modern double stairs staircase bates masi architects hamptons architecture
Modern double staircase inside a Hamptons home. (above)

bates masi architects stone fireplace wall glass wall sliding doors cement floor architecture modern
Love this living room with cement floors, a large wide stone covered fireplace and floor to ceiling glass doors that create disappearing walls (above)

So cool...a modern wood paneled room! (above)

Just to note again, these photos come from different homes that Bates Masi designed. This is just a smattering of their work.

I'm normally not an ultra modern living space type of girl but would certainly LOVE one of these as my summer home. Anyone offering to buy me one? Anyone? :-)

Happy Thursday!


P.S. Am doing an industry panel discussion today for my real job. Had a dinner out with friend TH last night and am a little tired. Hope I can wake up enough to be spunky and answer questions!

P.P.S. Back to Vegan before 6p today...am going to give it another go and stay far away from turkey chili! (See yesterday's P.S. for background)

P.P.P.S. Mother's Day is around the corner...look forward to hanging out with sis DS and my mom!


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