Inside the Tommy Hilfiger flagship store in Los Angeles at the Surf Shack Collection launch party
Inside the gorgeous Tommy Hilfiger flagship store in Los Angeles. (above)

Last night three brands came together - Tommy Hilfiger, Kelly Cole and COCOCOZY - to introduce Tommy Hilfiger's Surf Shack collection at a sparkling cocktail party at the Tommy Hilfiger store on Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles.

Oh what a night it was!  So many wonderful people (all my wonderful friends), lots of champagne (I drank water all night though because I had so many people to chat with), great music, and a fantastic setting.  I only took about 10 pictures at the beginning of the party and then got caught up in the whirlwind of it all...I spent the entire evening toting around my camera though...threatening to take a photo but I never did!  These photos were taken at about 7pm...just before the party started.

Anyhooo...let me start by saying a huge thank you once again to Amie Robinson, Director of Research and Development for Tommy Hilfiger. Amie is the one who spearheaded the COCOCOZY partnership with the uber fashion brand. She is amazing...a dear good friend. Amie was so kind and sweet to introduced me a few years back to the whole Tommy team. Then I have to say another huge thank you to Jann Parish, VP of Marketing at Tommy Hilfiger. Jann was the architect of our fun partnership with Tommy Hilfiger...which included COCOCOZY making pillows for the Surf Shack capsule collection of laid back summer beachwear. Lastly, my design crush or crush crush, Trent Wisehart, Creative Director North America and EVP of Global Creative Services for Tommy who said "yes" to the whole idea of partnering! Also thanks to Amy Robb and Ben Wymer from Tommy who were so nice to me over the last few months!  And it was so nice seeing Grace and meeting John (who is a designer at Tommy)!

Now that my Academy Award speech is done...onto the few images I took at the event.

Invitation to the Tommy Hilfiger Surf Shack launch party in Los Angeles

COCOCOZY pillows in Tommy Hilfiger's flagship store in Los Angeles

Limited edition COCOCOZY Surf Shack Pillows Los Angeles Tommy Hilfiger flagship store
Special edition COCOCOZY Surf Shack Pillows on display at the Tommy Hilfiger store. (above)

Tommy Hilfiger flagship store in Los Angeles Surf Shack Collection launch party

I have to say a quick huge thank you to my sis DS for showing up and all of my fantastic friends (JF, AG, BN, SN, JD, AB, TH, JH, PS, MN, JF, MF and so many more).  Also thank you to the adorable COCOCOZY VP of Operations, CM and cute adorable COCOCOZY assistant NG for coming too.  Lots of new friends came too like Karen, Sagi, Kendal, Mika, Courtney, Roger and Michael!  So great to see everyone!

This weekend I am going to head over the Surf Shack mobile pop up shop in Venice Beach on Abbot Kinney to see our COCOCOZY pillows on display and I want to get this cute dress I am coveting from the collection!

Tommy Hilfiger Surf Shack Pop Up
1515 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice Beach, CA
Saturday, 6/22 - 11a - 7p
Saturday, 6/23 - 11a - 6p

Happy Friday! Happy first day of summer!



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