White mansion in Santa Monica listed by Hilton & Hyland

It is on sale!  Woohooo!  A 22,794 square foot mansion that was once $34.9 million dollars is now just a mere $31.9 million dollars.  That's almost 10% off.  A bargain?  I think so.  Yes! :-)

The 7 bedroom, 13 bath home is located in Santa Monica, California right on one of the most prestigious streets - San Vincente Boulevard.  It is listed by Hilton & Hyland.

All the public rooms feature 12 foot ceilings, there is a huge gourmet kitchen with calacatta gold marble counters (and a separate catering kitchen), a dining room that comfortably seats 25 guests, a basketball court, a pool, golf course view, a gym, screening room, 15 car garage (who needs 15 cars?) and it goes on and on.

Here is the kicker...upstairs, just the master bedroom suite alone is 2,500 square feet (that's the size of a regular house!)!

Anyhooo....looks like the land was on the market $13 million in 2011.  In January 2013, the newly constructed house was put on the market for $34,995,000.  Just a week ago, it went on sale!

(Note to self: must look up the definition of "on sale" and "bargain"...I wonder if it applies to multi million dollar real estate listings?...hmmmm...)

Here it is.

Grey and white living room picture windows glass chandelier grey fireplace slate tile floor modern sofa tufted cube ottoman

library built in bookshelves coffered ceiling brown leather tufted sofa fireplace dark wood floor

Living room mansion coffered ceiling wood floor marble fireplace mantel white armchairs with nail head trim white sofa French doors

White gourmet kitchen coffered ceiling silver pendant lights stainless appliances white barstools with nail head trim marble counter tops
brown bedroom upholstered headboard bedding with navy piping wood floor shag rug fireplace dueling sofa arched French doors balcony

White built in shelves square crystal pendant light white cabinets with glass fronts wood floor walk in closet mansion

Look...those of you who read the blog know that my dream is to live in a castle.  I don't currently reside in a castle...I live in a tiny little cotttage in the Hollywood Hills.

Trying to decide whether I'd take this mansion if offered to me or wait for my castle.  Hmmmm...thinking...thinking hard...let's see...nice new big house offered to me vs. staying in my small house waiting for a dream castle.

Okay...after much profound thought, I think I'd take it if someone were giving it to me...a bird in the hand...right?  I would make do!  I would have to invite all of my family, my friends and all of the people I work with to live with me to fill the would be like the Santa Monica version of the Beverly Hillbillies!

What would you do?  Take it or leave it?  Do tell!

Happy Thursday!


P.S.  Tonight, I have that big event I had mentioned.  So excited.  A little nervous for some reason.  Lots of people I know coming and COCOCOZY is on the invite (a little of our product will be on display too).  Oy vey.  I don't normally get nervous but for some reason today I am.  The good news is sis DS and lots of my friends will be there.  CM, COCOCOZY's VP of Operations, will be there will our new part time assistant NG.  The bad news is that my good friend A.Ro. who made this all happen will not be there I just found out!  She's stuck in NYC.  I'll miss you A.Ro.!

P.P.S.  Wardrobe breakdown for tonight is as follows:  I have a blue 10 Crosby Street Derek Lam dress to wear (looks cuter in person than on this link)...and my go to adorable navy blue Yves St. Laurent Tribtoo slingbacks...and a little black skinny Prada belt with a bow.  Don't know what will be simple...and not too much makeup.  We'll see if it all comes together!  Hmmm....I've got to go straight from my everyday job to this party so I have to bring everything with me to work and change in my office!  By day, a business night, a girl named COCOCOZY!  Oh dear.

P.P.P.S.  I'll try to bring a device to take photos with so I can share some of the party pictures with you tomorrow.  Problem is I'll have such a small purse and I have way too many electronics.  I own a Blackberry (personal), iPhone (for COCOCOZY business), another Blackberry (for my day work) and a small Canon Elph camera.  The Blackberries are useless for photos but I need them if someone texts me, the iPhone is good for Instagram but none of my friends have that phone number and the Elph is the best for photos but that's all it does.  Oh woe is me...poor me...what a many bigger issues in the world to worry about...but here I am, poor little me, worrying about which smartphone or camera to take to a party...blah blah blah...what will I do? Hee hee!

P.P.P.P.S.  Tomorrow I'll tell you all about the event and why I owe a huge thank you to A.Ro. and all of her colleagues!


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