COCOCOZY Kip Lucite Tray in orange and brown. (above)

I am here!  In Atlanta. Took the red eye in. (Oy vey)  My flight was delayed an hour so we didn't leave until almost 1am! I made it though. Am in the Ritz Carlton lobby now...blogging before heading to market.

Fab COCOCOZY assistant NG took this photo above yesterday at the COCOCOZY headquarters (HQ) in Beverly Hills. This is one of our latest lucite tray offerings. I love this tray for fall.  We're showing this tray at the Atlanta Home Furnishings Market along with the rest of our COCOCOZY collection of pillows, throws, candles, bedding a and more.

COCOCOZY Collection and COCOCOZY Bedding both are in the Christian Mosso Associates (CMA) Showroom in Americas Mart, 240 Peachtree Street, Building 1, 9th floor.

Hard to believe that just 2 1/2 years ago, I didn't even know this trade show existed and now I'm here again showing off our product.

COCOCOZY for Capel Rugs - Oxford Rug in Natural Linen (above)

Also, please stop by the Capel Rugs Showroom to see our entire collection of 24 Indo-Tibetan hand knotted wool rugs.  Capel Rugs is in Americas Mart, 240 Peachtree Street, Building 1, 6th floor.

I am heading over now.  Must get my Earl Grey tea with 2 inches of steamed soy no foam to start the day.  Operating on just 4.5 hours of sleep.  Ready? Okay!

Will share pictures!

Happy Friday!



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