Estate Hamptons parquet floors and oak paneled walls simple staging

Okay.  What do you do if you have a massive brand new empty $35 million dollar Hamptons estate listed on the market with no nibbles?  Let's see...what would I do...?  Hmmm...?  Thinking...?  Hmmm...?  A first world "problem" - I know.  A non-dilemma dilemma that must be figured out!

The answer to the first question is two fold...lower the price and stage the house with furniture and then see what happens.

That's exactly what was decided for this 12,000 square foot mansion with 7 bedrooms and 7 baths sitting right on Georgica Pond in the Hamptons.  The home is listed by Sotheby's.

About two years ago, I did a post here on COCOCOZY featuring this exact home when it was empty and was listed at $35 million dollars.

Now the home is cautiously filled with an edited selection of furniture and the price has been lowered to $29,999,995.

Estate Hamptons parquet floors and oak paneled walls
Unstaged - Empty living room in Hamptons estate with parquet floors and oak paneled walls. (above)

Hamptons parquet floors and oak paneled walls mirrored furniture
Staged - Living room now features two sets of furniture in front of each fireplace. (above)

Unstaged living room Hamptons parquet floors oak paneled walls coffered ceiling
Unstaged -  Large empty living room needs something to warm it up! (above)

Open kitchen Hamptons breakfast nook sitting area white furniture
Staged - Open kitchen area, breakfast nook and sitting area feature understated white furniture. (above)

Unstaged kitchen Hamptons dark stained wood floor
Unstaged - The empty chef's kitchen with dark stained wood floors. (above)

Staged master bedroom modern bed lamps nightstand
Staged - Master bedroom features a modern upholstered bed, some lamps and nightstand. (above)

Unstaged bedroom Hamptons wood paneling windows fireplace
Unstaged - The wood paneling and the windows play center stage in an empty master suite. (above)

Aerial view exterior waterfront Hamptons estate
Aerial view of the exterior of this waterfront Hamptons estate. (above)
I liked this house way back when it was a blank slate - empty...no furniture...allowed me to dream.  In my view, the staging here doesn't really add or detract.  It serves a practical purpose of showing buyers what the house looks like furnished.  Let's see what happens now!

What do you think of this mansion before and after of sorts?  Do you like the home better staged with furniture or as an empty blank slate?  Do tell in the comments below!

Happy Monday!


P.S.  Am back from Atlanta.  Was fun catching up with everyone. Will share market roundup soon.  Please check me out at @COCOCOZY on  COCOCOZY Twitter or COCOCOZY Instagram - I shared a few pictures from market and a video too!


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