Art by Brian Wills in Coco of COCOCOZY's living room with a white sofa with brown piping
Untitled Brian Wills art in my living room! (above)

When I put up photos of my living room the other day to get your thoughts on my new COCOCOZY Fence rug, I didn't even think about describing some of the pieces in my living room including the large turquoise painting over my sofa.  Well besides the size of the rug, it was the most commented on piece from my living room in my little cottage in the Hollywood Hills.  I received dozens of emails and a few Facebook comments asking about the origin of the art in my living room.

Well today, I'll give you the scoop.  The work is by the super talented Los Angeles based artist Brian Wills. Brian's work is abstract, linear, modern and fresh. I am truly a huge fan of what he does.

Back in 2003 (I think), my sister and mother gave me the gift of art.  Back then, my sister had been introduced to an up and coming Los Angeles artist named Brian Wills.  She had acquired a few of his pieces. At Christmas (or my birthday...I can't recall), she and my mother felt I needed art in my living room so they gave me a Brian Wills much to my delight. being picky...way too picky...while I loved the piece they picked out for me, I wanted to see what else Brian was working on.  I remember, it was a cloudy day in December (or January...oh dear...can't remember anything), and I went to his studio (I may or may have not been with my sister...or I may have been by myself...I have no memory past yesterday...oy va voy).   I walked into the artist's studio, introduced myself to Brian and was thrilled to see there were lots of works in progress.  It was so cool to go into an artist's work space and in a way to see what and how he was thinking through his works in progress.  I spotted this turquoise piece in a corner and I immediately said "I want that one".  It is a huge wood piece...about 4ft x 6ft in is made up of small painted strips of wood...lined up to create a visual staccato of sorts...there is a rhythm to his work that I just love. About a week later after my studio visit, Brian came and delivered the work to my house himself and he installed it...and it has been basically hanging in the same place ever since.  I love it!

Turquoise wood and paint piece by Brian Wills in Coco of COCOCOZY's living room
I have owned this wonderful Brian Wills turquoise wood and paint piece of art for about 10 years! (above) 

Lexi Brown of Nye + Brown who represents Brian sent me these fantastic images below of his 2013 works.

Untitled by Brian Wills, 2013
Brian Wills
Untitled, 2013
Oil, rayon thread on wood
36 x 36 in.

Untitled by Brian Wills, 2013
Brian Wills
Untitled, 2013
Enamel, rayon thread, bass wood on wood
24 x 24 in

Untitled (Blue Cross) by Brian Wills, 2013
Brian Wills
Untitled (Blue Cross), 2013
Oil and rayon thread on wood
36 x 36 in.

Untitled (Peacock Blue) by Brian Wills, 2013
Brian Wills
Untitled (Peacock Blue), 2013
Enamel, rayon thread, and linear polyurethane on wood
12 x 24 in.

Untitled (Pink) by Brian Wills
Brian Wills
Untitled (Pink), 2013
Rayon thread, oil and linear polyurethane on wood
48 x 36 in.

Turquoise piece by Brian Wills in Coco of COCOCOZY's living room with a white sofa and matching armchair and ottoman with brown piping and a COCOCOZY Fence rug

Brian's new pieces pictured here range from $7000-$16,000 each.  There are other pieces in his collection not pictured here that start at about $2000 each. An investment well worth it!

If you are interested in artist Brian Wills and his work, please contact:

Lexi Brown
Nye + Brown
2685 S La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 559-5215

To learn more about Brian Wills and to read about his last show called Unwound, please click here.

Happy Friday!


P.S. Tomorrow, am so excited...I am going back to Brian Wills' studio for a visit with the artist and to see his latest works!  A private visit.  Woohooo!!   I have invited TE along...he might bring EE.  I am going to see if my sis and my mother want to come too!  Anyone else??? :-)

P.P.S. Must run!  Have a great day!  Still haven't solved my dilemma of what I will wear to the black-tie-wedding.  I tried on a black Herve Leger dress I own last of those bandage dresses...super tight...must do tons of sit ups and not eat for a week to look good in that...back to the drawing board!!!


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