Secret garden and iron gate in Charleston, SC

Happened upon this pretty last weekend. A charming enchanting intriguing mysteriously beautiful garden door and gate. Was roaming through the streets of Charleston, SC with a large group of friends (we were all there for TF and KF's fantastically lovely wedding). CCF, DH and I were taking our time walking through the streets while everyone else barreled ahead towards the shops. The guys were checking out the plaques on all of the houses to find out which was the oldest...I was furiously snapping photos. Trying to take all of Charleston home with me in my little camera it seemed. I paused and looked up from the camera screen and I saw this. A breathtakingly sweet black garden gate door, surrounded by an ivy covered wall and it was wide open.  Behind the gate...a mossy brick covered patio, a fountain in the distance I think, some iron furniture and lovely cobalt blue pottery.  Felt like a dream.  Oh how I wanted to just open that gate, walk in and take a seat and enjoy.  I did not...don't worry...

So now, back in Los Angeles, this is my weekend photos.  Memories of a lovely weekend past.

Secret garden and iron gate in Charleston, SC

Happy Sunday!



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