Small white living room in an apartment in France with a reclaimed wood coffee table, slip covered sofa and decorative baskets
A 344 square foot apartment in France! (above)

Question? How do you stylishly squeeze a living room with sofa and chairs, a working dining room, bedroom, bath, and kitchen in 344 square feet?  Answer: Very carefully.

Here is an example of small space living from France. A small but well appointed living room with neutral gray painted walls, a fab Moroccan rug, white slipcovered sofa and some black and white photography as art. A tiny but usable dining room with a paneling on the wall to create texture and depth and an oversized pendant light. A bedroom in a loft is decorated with a myriad of urchin like decorative mirrors in gold.

Nothing over the top...but certainly a great use of a very very small is visually cohesive and certainly livable.  Right?  Check it out.

Dining room with paneled walls in a tiny French apartment with mismatched Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chairs, reclaimed wood table and an oversized pendant light
Dining room with paneled walls and an oversized pendant light and mix matched chairs including an Arne Jacobsen Series 7 (above)

Small white kitchen in a French apartment with black grout and white paneled cabinet doors with black pulls
A small one wall kitchen is in a nook off of the living room...square tiles with black grout and white paneled cabinet door fronts with black pulls (above)

Stairs leading to the bedroom loft in a small French apartment
On the other side of the living room - stairs leading up to the bedroom loft. (above)

Bedroom in a small French apartment with a white upholstered bed and brass bronze mirrors hanging gallery style
The white upholstered bed takes up the entire room...brass bronze mirrors hang gallery style on the wall. (above)

What do you think of this super small space? Would you add anything to it? Would you change the color? Or do you think they did the best they could with under 350 square feet? Like or dislike? Weigh in please in the comments!

Happy Tuesday!



P.S.  Spent the day yesterday entirely non productive.  Was ogling over a beautiful present TE gave me for our one year anniversary (dating anniversary).  Sorry for not posting.  So on Sunday, TE took me on a staycation (vacation at in our home town) at the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel.  We had our first date at The Beverly Hills Hotel a year ago! So TE got us a beautiful room with a view of the garden and then we had a fun anniversary dinner at the Polo Lounge which ended with me sitting at the piano there threatening to play.  What a magical day with much fun...just relaxing and catching up.  The service was great at the hotel.  It is very formal but comfortable at the same time.  Spent a lot of the time though calculating how long I could stay at that hotel using my life savings.  Would want my sis and mom to come and TE and his family so I figured my daily expenses would be quite high...I can dream...right?  I'll post a picture of my lovely present from the very nice TE on Instagram later today.

Photos: Elle Deco France


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