COCOCOZY Quatrefoil Rug in Peacock, Oxford Rug in Navy and Fence Rug in Charcoal
COCOCOZY Rugs -  24 hand knotted Indo Tibetan wool  (above)
I am going to a trade show in North Carolina to show off the COCOCOZY rug collection once again!  Wooohooo!  For those of you in the design business who are going to High Point Market this weekend, I hope you will come by and say hi to me at the Capel Rugs showroom in Market Square!

It is Saturday morning. I am on the plane right now. Flying first class (thank you Capel Rugs). Heading to Charlotte, NC where a driver will pick me up and whisk me off to High Point, NC (thank you CT and CC for making my travel so wonderful). I will be in High Point for exactly 24 hours.  A dinner with the oh so sweet Capel Rug folks (CC, JM, JH, and AR) tonight, sleep (I need it), a morning/early afternoon meet and greet at the Capel showroom where all of the 24 rugs in my collection are on display.  Lastly on Sunday, right before I leave, I have a top secret meeting about a potential project...fingers crossed that this comes to fruition.

I cannot wait to see my rug collection again in person and so look forward to meeting COCOCOZY readers, buyers, designers and press.  So much fun to chat with everyone and hear their stories!

COCOCOZY rug display in Capel Rugs' Showroom at High Point Market in North Carolina
Ron Bristow, Capel's showroom manager, sent this picture to us of the COCOCOZY rug display in the Capel Rugs Showroom at High Point Market. (above)
I have two COCOCOZY rugs in my house now (see one of them in my living room by clicking here...I plan on shopping and getting a few more!

To shop the rug collection and more, please go to the COCOCOZY Online Shop by clicking here!

Please, please stop by to say hello if you are going to High Point. Here's when you can catch me.

COCOCOZY Meet & Greet at High Point market
Capel Rugs Showroom
Market Square
Space 112
Sunday, October 20th from 10am-2pm.

Happy Saturday!


P.S.  COCOCOZY 2014 Rug Collection - I am a little afraid to see JH from Capel.  I owe him color selections for my next new rug collection that we will showing in 2014.  I am holding up the whole process.  I sent designs in over a month ago...I know what I want for color but have been too distracted to put down my thoughts in an organized manner...note to self...finish color on Monday or Tuesday.  All the color issues aside, I am really really excited about the new designs for 2014...cannot wait to show you.  If you are in the press, I may even give you a little sneak peek (via my iPhone) of one or two of my new designs!

P.P.S.  Spent the last two weekends traveling with TE.  Weird not to have him with me on this trip.  He is home this weekend recuperating from running the Chicago Marathon last weekend.   Was very impressed watching him run that race!

P.P.P.S.  Hi mom!  (Just saying hi for no reason.  My mom reads every one of my posts btw...cute...right?).  Hope you have a good weekend mom.  Will call after the event and let you know how it goes.


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