Home office in a bay window nook with built in desk, white Panton chairs, wood floor and trellis wallpaper
A small bay window nook is transformed into a home office for two with a built in desk and white Panton chairs. (above)

Unless you live in a castle or mansion (my dream), the concept of maximizing space usually comes into play when decorating a home (my reality).  The question is...what should one do with small odd size spaces?  Lots of people just leave these spaces empty or put a chair and small table in them and call it a day.

I say...why not make the most of those odd shaped spaces in your home?

Here are some tips:

1. Embrace the odd shape - Don't fight against it...if you have an unconventionally shaped space, do not fight against the odd lines or strange foot print...embrace it.  Be open to changing your ideas of how a space should look or be used.

2. Use built ins - An odd shaped space usually means that most regular furniture will not fit.  Use cabinetry that can attach to that becomes part of the architecture.

3.  Define the space with a little drama - Use wallpaper, tile, a bold rug or some sort of accent to define the odd shaped space.  Why not show off your ingenious use of space? If you can figure out how to cleverly use a difficult space, you should celebrate it and set it apart.

Small white kitchen under a staircase with a tall narrow fridge and stainless hood
Small white kitchen squeezed under a staircase. (above)

Angled wall in a laundry room with green, brown and white chevron printed backsplash
A strangely angled wall is turned into a cute laundry room with zig zag tile backsplash (above)

Which of these spaces is your favorite?  I like the laundry room and the kitchen...clever use of space!

Happy Friday!



P.S.  COME SEE ME IN HIGH POINT! - Am off to show off my COCOCOZY rug collection again! Am leaving tomorrow morning for a whirlwind trip to High Point, North Carolina for market.  I'll be doing a meet and greet at the Capel Rugs showroom...talking with designers, buyers and press about the COCOCOZY collection of rugs.  If you are going to High Point Market, please stop by the Capel Rugs Showroom at Market Square on  Sunday, October 20th between 10a-2p to say hi.  I would love to meet you in person!

P.P.S.  Been a long week...slept on a bench two nights...can explain later! :-)  Welcome to my world!

Photos: Buckingham Interior Design; Johanna Ekmark


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