Casual outdoor fall tea setting with COCOCOZY logo napkins and placemats
Setting for a casual outdoor fall tea at my tiny little cottage in the Hollywood Hills. (above)
Next weekend, I am having my mom and sister (sis DS) over for a little afternoon tea and some champagne...to celebrate fall.  A quick pause to catch up before the holiday season kicks into full gear.  Weather permitting I will do the little get together on my deck.  It is so nice out on my deck in the Hollywood Hills this time of year.  Still views of green hilltops but the sun casts a different hue than any other time of the year...much warmer autumn light.  I'll serve some champagne, small tea sandwiches, a little legume salad, some sweets are a must, and of course I must offer tea.

Did I ever mention that I love vintage and antique tea cups?   I have just a few but I love them.  I will pull those out for the fall tea.

This past weekend, TE and I were at my house most of the weekend...so yesterday, I convinced him to help me plan out my little tea party.  He was very helpful...he made suggestions on flowers, table linens, glassware and more...I was so impressed.  He also cooked me breakfast while a fussed about trying to get my tea party table setting just right.  Felt quite fortunate...my guy made good style suggestions for my table setting AND cooked me breakfast.  Just so all of you know...after completely indulging me for the morning...TE spent the rest of the afternoon watching his 49ers play football.  A football watching Renaissance man!

Anyhooo...here's my little casual tea party setting styled with a few tabletop pieces I ordered from Horchow and some vintage items from my home.  Ready for a lovely tea with my lovely mom and sister!

Winter squash on a silver charger at an casual outdoor fall tea
Colorful winter squash on a silver charger add some fall color to the tea setting. (above)

Light blue and gold vintage Tuscan Fine English Bone China tea cup
This vintage Tuscan Fine English Bone China cup was manufactured sometime between 1940-1970.  This is a favorite in my collection - love the light blue with gold accents. (above)

Hydrangea and tulip centerpiece for a casual fall outdoor tea
Hydrangea and tulips make a nice flower centerpiece. (above)

Cellars for salt and spices on an elegant bone and nickel tray from Horchow
Cute little cellars for salts and spices sit on the super elegant bone and nickel tray(above)

Casual outdoor fall tea setting

Whimsical champagne flutes with the word "Happiness" written on them
Whimsical casual champagne flutes with words like Happiness, Peace, Love, Health and Prosperity written on each one.  I chose Happiness for this tabletop setting! (above)

Three Christofle forks on a bone and nickle tray
My Christofle flatware.  I put out forks for the salad.

Modern outdoor tea setting with vintage tea cups, a bone and nickle tray, silver flat ware and COCOCOZY napkins and table runner
I just had to add a bit of modern into the mix by incorporating my own COCOCOZY Logo table linens (a placemat runner and napkins) to complete the look. (above)

Now that I've figured out how everything will look, I must plan out the menu...will do that this week.  Oh one small thing...guess I need to lock in my guests (mom and sis DS) too!!  Lots to do!

Resources:  Bone & Nickel Tray;  Salad Plates;  My vintage tea cups; Champagne Flutes;  Salt Cellars;  Geometric table linens in navy

Happy Monday!


P.S.  Special thanks to the folks at Horchow for sending me some cute tabletop goodies to complete my tea party look! So wonderful!

Photos:  All photos in this post taken by Coco of COCOCOZY; photo styling by Coco and TE :)

(This post is brought to you as part of a collaboration with Horchow)


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