Dining room with built in shelves and vintage chairs with blue upholstery
Dining room with built in shelves with the back painted a high gloss red! (above)

The holidays are all about family, friends, giving, loving and dining.  I am cooking dinner for lots of family members on Christmas Eve.  Am doing all of the cooking at sis DS's house.  Need to start planning my menu.  Want to add some drama into the table setting and meal this time around.

Anyhooo...all of this planning got me thinking about dining room decor of course.  Sis DS's dining room looks out onto her small courtyard with ivy covered walls...dramatic view greenery.  Maybe I'll add a sparkle light or two outside this year...so guests can enjoy a backdrop of white lights.  Hmmm...need to find someone to put those up.

It is very cool when a dining room has dramatic walls I think - a backdrop of sorts to make the room look special.  Built in bookshelves, paneling, a mural, glossy paint, large pictures framed to create a bold floor to ceiling gallery wall.  Just some ideas.

Here are three very different dining rooms...all with their own dramatic walls.

Modern Chinoisserie dining room with a wall mural
A wall mural of a river makes a dramatic statement gives this dining room a modern Chinoiserie feel. (above)

Dining room with reclaimed wood paneled walls
A take on wood paneled walls using reclaimed wood beams is definitely high drama (above)
Do you have dramatic walls in your dining room?  Which of these three rooms is your favorite.

Holiday Quick Tips for Dramatic Dining Room Walls:

1. Pick up a more than abnormal number of large ready made framed prints that are all the same (saw some cute ones in West Elm's shop...fyi) and cover an entire wall from floor to ceiling with them.  By covering a feature wall from top to bottom (literally 2 inches above baseboards) with the same print or photo over and over again, you are making a dramatic wall statement.

2.  In time for New Year's Eve dinner...take your favorite photo and have it made it a large scale vinyl wall mural.  I searched the web and saw several companies that would deliver in 7 business days.  A personal made super huge on one wall will do the trick.  Was at a very high end designer's house this fall..she did just that in her dining room with a photo of her sons.

Happy Tuesday!


Photos: SR Gambrel; Muriel Brandolini; Suzanne Kasler


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