Model in Elie Saab haute couture

A little fantasy for the holidays.  Imagine a glimmering holiday bash in one of these. Christmas is one week away! So rather than buckle down and get all of the last minute things done...I'll just choose to fantasize of a holiday season filled with sparkling dresses and evenings out.

A haute couture holiday courtesy of Elie Saab! Thank you very much!

Model wearing a red Elie Saab haute couture dress

Model wearing a blue Elie Saab haute couture gown

I must continue to dream. A black tie Christmas and New Years!  Yes!!!  Think the first evening gown is right up my alley. TE...put on your tux!

Any of these gowns somewhere in your holiday fantasy (with no worries about decorating, shopping, planning and cooking aside of course...)?

Happy Wednesday!


P.S.  After seeing my tips on dining room walls yesterday, I got a cute text from good friend FM from New Orleans. FM has a friend named Lindsey who sells removable wall coverings at Casart Coverings. Such a cute idea...cute way to makeover your walls in time for your glittering New Years Eve party...right?

P.P.S.  Today we are doing Secret Santa gift exchange at work...what if I wore one of these gowns in...just because...?

P.P.P.S.  Diet - Am on a fruit and vegetable only diet for the next few days - before the holidays.  Last night, however, TE and I went on a date at the Soho House.  Are wine and fish tacos considered fruits and vegetables?  I am trying to see how I can squeeze fish and corn tortillas into the raw vegetable food group....thinking...let me know if you have any idea.

P.P.P.P.S.  Lots of famous people at the Soho House for some reason last night...should have worn one of these dresses!

Photos: Style.com


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