Holiday ribbon with a poinsettia and gold glitter

The holidays are here so this weekend my ribbon box came into play!

My late grandmother had a ribbon box. Ribbon she saved from packages opened over the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and more. It was ribbon that she saved because they were too pretty to throw away. Some ribbon she re-used...some ribbon she just kept because she thought it was special. Her ribbon box was filled with ribbon treasures...memories of special occasions...filled with color, glitter and sparkle.  It was fitting that my sweet loving happy cheerful grandmother would have a box that was just for happy times and all about giving...a box filled with ribbon to send presents and gifts off with a bit of flare.

I now have my own ribbon box. I find myself from time to time saving pretty ribbon that comes off of packages or collecting new ribbon I love. All waiting to be used for the first time or recycled for a gift for family, friends and loved ones. I love the idea of a ribbon box. Thank you grandma!

One day years ago, my sis DS came to my house...she was on her way to work...rushing...she said, "I need a this present wrapped...for my assistant...what do I do?". I said, "Let me go check my ribbon box." She looked at me perplexed. Then I went straight into my hall closet and the top shelf to a box marked "Ribbons" and much to her delight, surprise and amusement, I opened my treasure trove. Sis DS said, "Who has a ribbon box? Oh my gosh." I said, "Grandma did...and so do I".

Here are just few goodies from my ribbon box.  Have been wrapping a lot of packages in brown paper and grosgrain this year.

Red, green and white holiday ribbon
Holiday ribbon found in my ribbon box...some old...some new...

Gold and green mesh wire ribbon
A gold mesh wire ribbon!

Red wire grosgrain ribbon with an embossed pattern
Love the subtle embossed pattern along the edge of this red wire grosgrain ribbon...don't remember what present it came on years ago...but it will certainly be reused!

Striped grosgrain ribbon
Have been wrapping presents in brown Kraft paper and striped grosgrain ribbon this year! (above)

Black and white monarch stripe grosgrain ribbon
From the COCOCOZY office...this is the signature black and white monarch stripe grosgrain ribbon we use to wrap all of our COCOCOZY gift items. (above)

Do you have a ribbon box? What is your annual gift wrapping tradition? Anything you inherited from a loved one as part of what you do as far as gifts?

One other tradition I have is wrapping a million presents on Christmas Eve - either that is tradition or procrastination. This year I can't. I am making Christmas Eve dinner for 18 people! 18 people for dinner. Doing my dinner at sis DS's house. Today must figure out flowers for the tables and start prepping food tonight!

Happy Monday! Happy Holidays!



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