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Wishing you and your family a very happy holiday! I hope this holiday season brings you much joy, love and hope.

I thank you so much for following along throughout the year and being a part of COCOCOZY.  Your support has been such a gift to me!

Tonight, on Christmas Eve, I will be with family at my sis DS's house.  Almost 20 of us are gathering for a dinner and a nice celebration.  I am running around all day because I am actually cooking dinner!  Oh my!

My Christmas Eve dinner menu:
-Orange rosemary herb roasted chicken
-Haitian rice (a tradition from my mother)
-Green beans with shallots and garlic
-Colorful green salad with avocado, corn, red and yellow peppers with a shallot lemon vinaigrette
-Apple pie from Sweet Lady Janes (normally I make pies but so many people this time...I am getting the help from one of my favorite bakeries...their deep dish apple pie is like something out of a fairytale...heaping with apples with a wonderful flaky tall bumpy top crust)

I will serve a champagne cranberry cocktail to start the evening off along with a light selection of cheeses.

We'll see how this all actually goes.  Everyone arrives at 7p.  I must get going!

Happy Holidays everyone!  Happy happy holidays!


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