Holiday centerpiece with white and green roses, tulips, ivy, hydrangeas and silver ornaments

Christmas is over.  Had a fantastic time with my family members.  Christmas Eve dinner at sis DS's house was a huge success.  All of the days of planning, cooking and prepping paid off into a wonderful warm time spent with family.  Aunts LA and MA flew in from France and Boston respectively.  It was a highlight to see them.  My mom looked so happy to have everyone around (and probably even happier that the holiday meal making is out of her hands).  Turned out the total number attending was 17.  I had never cooked for that many people or had a sit down dinner for that many...but it worked out!

Here is the flower centerpiece I designed along with my florist.  I wanted a white and green mix of roses, tulips, hydrangea and ivy...and a few silver ornaments thrown in.

Taking a day or two to hang out with TE and his family.  Today is TE's birthday...we are celebrating with a big dinner.

Will be checking in on social media if not follow along...I'll share more of my table setting and more!

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Hope your holiday is going well and that you had a nice Christmas.

Happy Thursday!



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