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Yesterday was my birthday...what a fantastic day it was.  The day started off with calls from my guy TE, a birthday song sung by my mother and sis DS, best of friend AM rang too.  I was charmed by all of the sweet notes and thoughts I got from my dear friends and family throughout the day (thank you Aunt S, RM, JD, FM, JLF, RK, A.Ro, SE, AT and more),  I normally do not make a big deal about my birthday...but there was something special about yesterday.

One of the assistants in the office guessed my age but he was several years off (making me younger)...hallelujah!  When I came back from lunch there were beautiful peach colored roses from my favorite florist waiting in my office...a sweet surprise from my sis and mother.  Then there was a delicious cupcake office party for me in my honor.

In the evening, my TE took me to dinner at Madeo...a Hollywood insiders spot where we sat two stone throws away from Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorcese!  Now that is a birthday dream!

Then, when we got home from our delicious dinner, TE brought a huge box up the stairs to my little tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills.  The box had a big huge red bow on it. Inside was this amazing limited edition book from Taschen called Fashion Designers A-Z Stella McCartney Edition. It is a 654 page beautiful hardcover book covered in a Stella McCartney fabric featuring the works of fashion designers from the 20th and 21st centuries.  An amazingly wonderful book.  It comes in with a lucite slip case.  The pictures are amazing inside.  Takes coffee table books up a notch.

Taschen Fashion Designers A-Z Stella McCartney book limited edition
Taschen's 654 page Fashion Designers A-Z Stella McCartney Edition limited edition book was one of my lovely thoughtful birthday gifts from my guy TE (above and below)

birthday card
Cute birthday card from TE filled with sweet words (above)
A very nice day really.  A fabulous day. So nice because of all of the wonderful people I know.

Love to all of you!

Happy Tuesday!


Photos: Coco of COCOCOZY


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