White minimalist living room

As this first month of 2014 races by...I am thinking about ways that I might streamline the interior decor in my tiny little cottage in the Hollywood Hills (to see my house click here). My home is pretty neutral in tone...I have lots of texture and pattern going on. While I probably wouldn't remove all of the different prints (very COCOCOZY Collection to layer patterns)...might I consider going the clean line, simple design route. I love my home...but something to consider. Just spent last night shredding documents from 2005! Oy vey. Have to organize today.

Anyhooo... I love this all black and white home from Anna Leena's Home blog. The cleanest of clean lines and a monochromatic design scheme. No frills, no fuss. Refreshing. Leaves room to think.

White minimalist living room with black accents

Minimalist and industrial staircase

Minimalist kitchen with stainless counter tops and a black board

What do you think of this super super minimalistic design and decor?

Happy Monday! Happy Martin Luther King Day!


P.S. Taking a moment today of course to reflect on Dr. Martin Luther King and all of the amazing things he did for our country. People like him, who have a vision about making things better for everyone, are truly truly inspiring. Happy b-day MLK!

Photos: Anna Leena's Home


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