White kitchen with high ceilings and exposed beams

I am obsessed with high ceilings and pretty intrigued with the idea of high beams.  My little cottage in the Hollywood Hills, as small as it is, has high ceilings and exposed beams in the main living area...makes the oh so tiny space feel airy.    If I were shopping for a new home...which hopefully one day I will, I would love to find a place with high high ceilings and exposed beams.

Exposed beams definitely create a specific look.  The ones at my house are painted white...below all of the beams are exposed wood...some finished, others unfinished.  Gives the homes a rustic or vintage look when they are unpainted I think.

So the interior design question of the day is...do you like being exposed...?  Does this look suit you?

Living room with exposed beams and stained wood walls

Breakfast nook with exposed beams and built in banquette seating

Living room with a striped rug, green sofa and exposed ceiling beams

Minimalist bedroom with exposed ceiling beams and black metal beds

Living room with dark wood floor, exposed ceiling beams and blue sofa

What do you think of exposed beams?  Like or dislike?

Happy Wednesday!


P.S.  LAS VEGAS MARKET - I am heading to Las Vegas on Sunday to show the COCOCOZY Rug Collection again at the Capel Showroom there.  If you are attending market, please stop by on Sunday and Monday to say hi!


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