COCOCOZY Logo throws in burnt orange at Mecox Gardens West Palm Beach
COCOCOZY Logo Throw blankets in burnt orange looking quite regal at Mecox Gardens West Palm Beach! (above)

My dream when I started the COCOCOZY Home Furnishings Collection of pillows, throw blankets, rugs and more was to somehow figure out a way to be in Mecox Gardens.

Mecox Gardens are prestigious home furnishings stores located in some of the most posh areas in the country including Los Angeles, the Hamptons, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, New York and West Palm Beach.  The stores are amazingly curated and carry some of the finest home decor items in the country. In each store there is a mix of beautifully selected new, vintage and antique furniture and accessories.  Everything you could ever desire for decorating your house, home, apartment or mansion! ;-)

So far, COCOCOZY has made it into 3 different Mecox stores!  I am proud to say our collection is in the Los Angeles store right on La Cienega (I went in and stalked our products the other day and I could have screamed with joy).  We are in the Houston store...they were the first to buy us.

Now I am thrilled to announce COCOCOZY pillows, throws and more are in Florida at Mecox Gardens West Palm Beach!  Woohooo.  Woohooo!!

Christin Carron who manages the Mecox Gardens Palm Beach store sent these lovely photos of COCOCOZY pillows and throws styled into their store!  Love this! Thank you Christin!

COCOCOZY Plaid Solid Linen Pillows and Logo Throw in Mecox Gardens West Palm Beach
COCOCOZY Plaid Solid linen pillows and a COCOCOZY Logo Throw in navy in a living room setting at Mecox (above)

COCOCOZY Fence pillows in dome chairs at Mecox Gardens
COCOCOZY Fence pillows in navy add a geometric touch to these classic dome chairs (above)

COCOCOZY Arch linen pillows in sea green at Mecox West Palm Beach
I spy COCOCOZY Arch linen pillows in sea green at Mecox West Palm Beach looking so cute! (above)

COCOCOZY Circle Chevron linen pillows in Sea Foam and Sea Green at Mecox Gardens
Our Circle Chevron pillows! (above)

Mecox Gardens West Palm Beach
Mecox Gardens West Palm Beach store exterior (above)

If you want to check out the most delightful furniture stores in the country and you are in South Florida, New York, the Hamptons, Dallas, Houston, Chicago or Los Angeles, please stop into Mecox Gardens!

If you would like to see COCOCOZY on display at this Mecox Gardens in West is their info below...including manager Christin's email address if you see anything you like!

Mecox Gardens West Palm Beach
3900 South Dixie Highway
West Palm Beach, Florida 33405
p: 561-805-8611 | f: 561-805-9362
Hours: Monday-Saturday 10:00am-5:30pm

To see a list of where else you can find the COCOCOZY Home Collection around the country, click here!

Happy Friday!



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