Den in a New York City apartment

$70 million dollars for one NYC apartment! Wow. According to United Nations statistics...there are at least 128 countries worldwide whose Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is $70 million or less. An apartment that it is valued to all of the goods and services produced by several world nations! That is New York city housing for you.

Today I bring you a striking $70 million dollar apartment located right on Fifth Avenue atop the lush Pierre Hotel in New York City. The two story apartment is listed by Serena Boardman of Sotheby's International Realty.  The 16 room apartment was recently renovated by super glam architect Peter Marino with custom design details, state-of-the-art lighting and tech systems.  The building amenities include a concierge, housekeeping and much more.  Must be nice to live on top of the Pierre Hotel.

Entryway in a NYC apartment with wood paneled walls and dark wood floor

Living room in a NYC apartment with wood paneled walls and dark wood floor

Dining room in a NYC apartment above the Pierre Hotel

Second floor landing in a NYC apartment above the Pierre Hotel

Master bedroom in a New York City apartment

Amazing view from a New York City apartment

Floor plan of a New York City apartment

What do you think? Would you pay $70 million for this if money were no object? Since money is an object in my life, I would not pay for it...but if someone wanted to gift me this gem, I would happily accept!

Happy Monday!


P.S. Went to the Griffith Park Observatory not once but twice this weekend with TE! After a run, brunch, and a drive around Silver Lake, we wandered up to the top of Griffith Park on Saturday to see the view and walk through the exhibits. We enjoyed it so much that on Sunday, after brunch at the Soho House, we brought TE's son and his friend up to the observatory too. A must see in Los Angeles. Learn about the moon, the stars, plus amazing Los Angeles views. Made my days!

Griffith Park Observatory
Took this with my not so ideal Blackberry camera at the Griffith Park Observatory on Saturday! (above)

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